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How To Quickly View Multiple Websites At Once in a Single Tab or Page

Ever had the need to check on multiple websites at once? Or the need to view several websites at a glance? Or to quickly check multiple websites to make sure nothing’s wrong?

Malware attacks and hacks are becoming more prevalent, and you might need to quickly just scan through the websites that you own to see if everything’s okay. Or if you are monitoring a site for a promotion or deal, then this lets you quickly check up on a site. If you run a business, this is a great way to quickly see what’s happening with your competitor’s websites as well, and if they’ve implemented any changes.

oneglance screenshot view multiple websites

This single file was my solution to view multiple websites at once, and it allows me to tile as many websites as I want on a single page. I wasn’t happy with pure static thumbnail, rather preferring live versions of websites, so this is what the page does. Every “website image” that you see is actually a live website, zoomed out to a nice size that allows for multiple websites on the same page. I call it OneGlance.

It’s a single webpage coded in CSS and HTML, and does not require server-side scripting like Ruby, PHP, or ASP. It works with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, and I recommend that this file be run from your computer locally rather than your server.

Need to view more websites? The file contains 4 websites by default, but just duplicate the set of 4, and you’ll get 8 total. As simple as that!

Download the OneGlance zip here, and just extract it to anywhere on your computer and open the HTML file to use it.

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