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How To Mass or Bulk Check-In Multiple Files With SharePoint

May 3, 2013

If you have tried uploading multiple files to SharePoint at once using the Explorer View, one side-effect is that all files are left checked out to you. This means that other people will not even be able to see the files, much less open or edit them.

I recently found this out after I moved over 70GB worth of files to a SharePoint folder, so manually fixing the permissions one-by-one wouldn’t cut it. I needed a automated way where I can check-in multiple files at once, in bulk.

Thankfully, it’s possible.

Here’s how you do a mass check-in of files in SharePoint:

  1. In the “Site Actions” menu, select “Site Settings”
  2. Under the “Site Administration” tab, select “Content and Structure”
  3. Change the “View:” from “Default View” to “Checked Out to Me”
  4. Check the items you want, or select all items by clicking on the icon that looks like a stack of cards right above the checkbox of the first item
  5. Go to “Actions” and select “Check In”

All done!

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