How To Make Open Office Start Faster – A Speed Boosting Tip!

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Open Office is a great piece of software – and at its price, it’s pretty hard to beat! The default settings for Open Office might cause it to have a slow start-up speed though, but no problems! This tip will help you speed up Open Office’s start-up time instantly!

  1. Start either Write or Calc
  2. From the menu, go to >> “Tools”, then “Options”
  3. From the left menu, select “Memory”. Then on the right, follow these settings:

    Number of steps is set to 20.
    Graphics Cache for Open Office is set to 128 MB.
    Memory per object is set to 20.0 MB.
    Enable systray quickstarter is checked.

  4. Next, simply hit OK and exit the program

That’s it! The next time you run any application of the Open Office suite, you’ll realise that they will start up much faster!

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