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How To Integrate Facebook With AWeber Sign-up Form

March 25, 2012

AWeber is a company that does a very good job of providing mailing list services, and is always innovating and coming up with new ways that you can improve your email marketing. One of their latest innovations is how they’ve created a way that allows any Facebook user to automatically sign up with your AWeber list.

With this new Facebook feature, Facebook users do not need to enter their names or email addresses to join your email list. As long as the user is logged into Facebook, all that data is pulled from Facebook and pre-populated automatically into your AWeber form – all the user has to do is to click on the “Register” button on your AWeber form. If the user isn’t logged into Facebook, then they’d see the normal, non-Facebook version of the sign-up form.

As you can imagine, as this makes things for your users dramatically simpler, and you’ll find sign-up rates going through the roof. In fact, there are several benefits to this form:

  • Facebook users don’t even need to key in their details anymore (all that they need to do is to click once!) so the barrier for entry is significantly lower
  • Emails are definitely valid and active since these are the users’ active Facebook accounts
  • No chance of typos and errors during the submission process

How To Enable Facebook Integration With AWeber

aweber facebook integration how-to

All you need for this Facebook integration is to enable the option for “Facebook Integration” on your AWeber form creation wizard. Do note that these forms need to be at least 300px wide. You can also edit existing forms by going into your form properties and enabling the Facebook integration option.

Give Facebook Integration A Try – Special AWeber Discount

Mailing lists are a great way to monetise your website and keep in touch with your users. AWeber is one of the best mailing list companies around, and has a tonne of features that can help you in your email marketing.

You can get a special $1 trial account (backed by AWeber’s money-back guarantee) by visiting AWeber through this link, and try out AWeber’s full set of features, i.e. unlimited email campaigns, broadcasts, automated follow-ups, etc. Anytime you’re not satisfied with their service, just discontinue your subscription, or drop them an email to process your money-back guarantee.

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