ioncubeMAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a package that allows you to run your own PHP-enabled web server with MySQL easily on your Mac. However, if you’re looking for additional libraries like the ionCube libraries, you’ll need to download and install them yourself. That’s not bad because it’s not hard at all.

What you need is to go to, and download the ionCube loader file for your O/S version. For example, I’m running a Macbook Pro unibody, and so I get the x86 version of the loader.

Now once the file is on your computer, extract the contents and copy the file (e.g. ) into your MAMP’s PHP5 folder. For the default installation of MAMP, it should be this path:


Now you need to edit the php.ini, which is found here: /Applications/MAMP/conf/php5/php.ini

Scroll to line number 1085, hit enter, and then add this line:


That’s all there is to it! Just stop and start the MAMP servers, and you should now have ionCube loaders up and running with PHP!

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