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How To Install and Use Custom MP3 Ringtones For Android Phones

When I got my Android, I was surprised that setting a custom ringtone was harder that it should be. What I did was:

  1. Install Blackmoon AttachSave (From Android Market)
  2. Install Blackmoon File (From Android Market)
  3. Using your computer, go to a site (I recommend and choose your ringtone that you want
  4. Download this ringtone to your computer
  5. Ideally, you should name this ringtone to something that you can identify, because Android will use the filename as the ringtone’s name
  6. Email yourself this ringtone as an attachment, and check your email using your Android phone
  7. Now preview the attachment, and choose Blackmoon to open the file
  8. A dialogue box will pop up, asking you where you want to save it. Click on the magnifying glass to browse, and either go to the ringtone directory, or create it. Once done, click on the disk icon to save the ringtone
  9. Now go to your settings, and you should be able to choose your new ringtone from the list

The right directory should be either one of these, depending on whether you want a normal ringtone (for calls or video calls), or a notification ringtone (for system notifications, emails, and smses).

Normal ringtone: /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones
Notification ringtone: /sdcard/media/audio/notifications

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