How To Increase Productivity And Simplify Tasks on the Mac With Automator

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Automator is a great application that comes with the Mac. Built on AppleScript, it’s a way to automate tedious chores. Best of all, it comes with my Macbook! I was blown away when I first tried Automator and loved it since. You can achieve the same thing on Windows, but you’ll probably need a bunch of software and so much more time to accomplish the same thing. Seriously.

mac automator increase productivity

Need to rename a bunch of files? Need to change the extension for a entire folder’s contents? Need to scale or resize many photos at once? Automator can do all of this and more. I’m seriously impressed.

Everything is named in simple English too. For example, scaling images can be done with the Scale Images function, and there’s even a short description that follows: “This action resizes the specified images. The new size may be set by pixels or as a percentage of the current image.”

Kudos to Apple for coming up with such a user-friendly tool. I’m impressed.

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