If you have a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and suddenly have problems sending messages, this solution may help. This may also work on other phones. Basically, it’s some bug that causes your phone to be stuck on one message and prevents you from sending messages totally. You know your phone is working fine otherwise, because you can make and receive calls, and you can even receive messages fine.

I tried normal reboots and complete power cycling, but those don’t work here. The following solution works though, and I suspect it forces the Sony Ericsson phone to re-sync with your telco and “purge” the faulty message.

So here’s the solution, it’s a simple, 5-minute procedure:

  1. Cancel sending the stuck message. Do this by canceling the send, or failing that, move it to your Drafts folder.
  2. Without turning off your phone, take out your battery.
  3. Remove your SIM card, and re-insert your battery.
  4. Turn on your phone (without the SIM card).
  5. After it boots all the way (you should see “No SIM Card Found”, or a similar message), take out your battery again without turning your phone off.
  6. Re-insert your SIM card and battery, and turn on your phone.
  7. Go to your Outbox or Drafts folder, and delete that problematic message.

Your Sony Ericsson phone should now be working normally, and you should be able to send messages again.

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