How To Fix PDF Files Showing Up As A Blank Page in FireFox

Recently, I realized that any PDF files that I was trying to view in my browser suddenly could not display. Whenever I click on a link to view a PDF file, I end up seeing a blank page. I didn’t do anything to Firefox, nor to Adobe Reader, and when I went to Tools > Options > Applications, everything was still under Adobe, so I didn’t understand what happened.

foxit pdf

It was until I went to Tools > Add-ons > Plugins that I realized that Foxit had installed a PDF viewer plugin. So I disabled it immediately from the menu. Problem was, the plugin was still there because there wasn’t an option to uninstall it, and I didn’t like having it hang around.

The solution was to physically delete the plugin, and this you can do by searching for “npFoxitReaderplugin.dll”, or by going to your Mozilla Firefox plugins directory (should be in your program files folder, /Mozilla Firefox/Plugins), and then deleting the offending .dll file. Once you do that, just restart Firefox, and you should have your PDF displaying properly now.

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    • I had the same frustrations too until i finally discovered the solution – glad this post helped you out!

  1. I could not find the “npFoxitReaderplugin.dl” file. Is there any other way to solve this issue?

  2. Hello,

    I am having a similar problem. I filled out an application for a job on a PDF file, and when I email it out, it shows up blank to the receiver. What can I do to fix the problem? Can anyone help me?

    I would really appreciate it!

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