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How To Fix MTP Failed or CDC Failed Errors When Connecting Your Samsung Galaxy S via USB

Today, I tried plugging in my Samsung Galaxy S, an Android phone, to my computer, thinking that I could transfer some files to it. Surprise, surprise, I was greeted by an error stating that there was a problem installing the USB drivers for my phone.

Windows Update didn’t seem to have any drivers for this too, so I went to Google for “USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S” and found it! There are two packs that you can use, depending on which version of Windows you’re using:

samsung galaxy s phone

Now you need to download the file and extract the contents to somewhere convenient, like your Desktop for example. Once you do that, go to your Device Manager (Control Panel > Device Manager).

You’ll notice that the MTP device will have a yellow exclamation mark beside it. Right-click on that, and select “Update driver software”. After you do that, choose to manually browse for the file. You can now select the folder that you had extracted the drivers to, and hit Ok. You may need to unplug and plug in your Android phone again after the installation is completed.

That’s not the end of the errors though – but we’re close! At this point, your MTP errors should have disappeared, but Windows will complain that there’s a CDC error now. Simply go through the same steps as listed above for the CDC device, and choose the same folder where your drivers are. That’s it!

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