October 19

How To Easily Mass Update Multiple Email Messages With The Same Text


As an email marketer, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a set of text in all your different email messages, that you can change in one place, and have all your emails messages updated together? Well, I just discovered that AWeber could do this with their global snippets feature. The other email marketing services do not seem to have this feature, so that says again how powerful AWeber is as a marketing service.

This is awesome and is super useful, because it will take away the need to copy and paste repetitive links or information to your website or events or promotions. Imagine if you have 50 email messages, and all of them refer to your affiliate programme that pays out 35%. One fine day, if you decide to increase your commission percentage to 40%, you’ll need to edit all 50 of your email messages. However, if you had made use of global snippets right at the start, you’ll just need to edit your global snippet once, and all of your 50 email messaages will be automatically updated all at once.

Here’s how to use AWeber’s global snippets feature

1. Make sure you’re selecting the right list, then mouse over the “List Options” menu, and click on “List Settings.” Then, click on “Personalize Your List.

aweber global snippets guide

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find the Global Snippets area.

aweber how to use global snippets

3. As a simple example, you can create a snippet of your domain name, but you can really have any kind of information. I’ve shown this in my example where I’ve named my snippet “mydomainname” and set the text to “alvinpoh.com”. Once done, click the “Add” button.

4. To use your global snippet, just hit the “Personalize” button in the toolbar above the editor, where you should be able to find your snippet. Alternatively, if you are more comfortable with entering your own code, you can just enter it like so:

{!global mydomainname}

Tip: Not sure if you need to use this? Just include it at the bottom of all your email messages anyway, as sort of a placeholder. In the future, if you DO need it, you can just make edit it, and all your email messages will show your message. This is really useful if you have a new launch that you want to promote, or a new podcast, or webinar, or whatever.

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  1. Great tutorial, can you write tutorial at aweber. how to sent campaign when the visitor subscribe to the group or segment

    thank you

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