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How To Create a DIY Moleskine Pen Holder

It’s rare because I’m usually dull as dishwater, but I surprise myself with feats of sudden creativity that stem from necessity. Case in point: my Moleskine pen holder. I got a Moleskine notebook from Discovery recently, and one of the things that you notice when you bring it about for meetings is: How on earth do you keep a pen with it? And as a sidenote: did you know that Moleskine is pronounced “mole-uh-skeen-ah”, because it’s actually Italian? I’ve been pronouncing it “mole-skin”, like most people I’ve heard, but I guess you just do what most people do.

diy moleskine pen holder 1

Anyway, I thought it was only logical to have this train of thought. Afterall, a notebook and pen to me was like a car and wheels, a computer and keyboard, a vault and door, and you get the idea. So it seemed strange to me that a notebook that had all these raving reviews about it didn’t come with a pen holder.

So with what was around me, I crafted a functional pen holder, and this is how it looks like:

diy moleskine pen holder 2

The good thing is that you don’t need a Moleskine notebook for this. This pen holder can work for any hardcover notebook.

What you need:

  1. A sheet or 2 of blank paper
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors
  4. 10-15 minutes

This method actually works with all hardcover notebooks, not just Moleskine notebooks. I have to be upfront that I haven’t used this pen holder for very long, so I can’t vouch for its reliability, but for the price, it’s been pretty awesome so far.

Step 1: Craft the pen holder’s base

This acts as a “sleeve” that wraps around the front cover of your notebook. I used an A4-sized piece of paper, and folded it until it was around 1.5 inches wide, so that it becomes sturdier. Then I laid it upon the front cover, and folded it at the top and bottom of the cover.

diy moleskine pen holder 3

diy moleskine pen holder 4

diy moleskine pen holder 5

diy moleskine pen holder 6

diy moleskine pen holder 7

At the rear, it had a gap where the ends couldn’t meet, so I used another folded up sheet of paper to act as a bridge, and used tape to tape it all together.

Step 2: Craft the pen holder pocket

Next, I needed the part that my pen could actually clip to, so I took a piece of paper (this is where you can choose to fold it into half to make it sturdier), and wrapped it around my base. Once again, I folded it again before taping, and ensured that it was snug enough, but not too tight that my pen wouldn’t fit.

diy moleskine pen holder 8

diy moleskine pen holder 9

diy moleskine pen holder 10

diy moleskine pen holder 11

diy moleskine pen holder 12

Additionally, I thought all the clipping might wear out the edge of the paper, so I used tape to reinforce the top edge of my pocket. It runs along almost the entire edge, because if I had just taped the clipping edge, it might still cause the folded edges to tear.

diy moleskine pen holder 13

Next, I taped along the long side at the rear, but don’t seal the tape yet (for reasons pretty clear). Take this “pocket” piece, and wrap it around the base (ensure that your reinforced clipping edge is the right side up). Once you’re sure, seal the tape.

diy moleskine pen holder 2

Now slide the sleeve over your front cover, and you have your hand-made pen holder for your Moleskine notebook! See what other kinds of Moleskine notebooks there are, or get a very nice pen for your notebook here.


Not feeling like making your own pen holder? No problems. You can get ready-made, high-quality, leather pen-holders for your Moleskin notebooks here:

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