How To Convert Open Office document (.odf) to Microsoft Office Document Format With A Converter

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If you have an Open Office document and want to convert it to Word or other Microsoft Office formats so that you can read it, then this is for you.

convert odf to microsoft office

Sometimes you might get a document in ODF format, which is the Open Office document format. This is a problem for some people because they might just have Microsoft Office, and not Open Office. The Open Office ODF converter exists because people don’t want to download and install the entire Open Office suite just to open one file.

You’ll need this handy program then. It converts from .odt to .doc and other formats.

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  1. Hmmmm, it is quite funny, but once you use OpenOffice you tend to forget about Microsoft Office and their file systems. It is quite funny to read a post of a reverse file opening tool. With .odf being accepted as some form of an international standard I suppose die-hard Office users will need this to be able to keep up though… 😉

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