How To Batch Unzip A Series of Sequential Zip Files In Mac OSX

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I recently got a bunch of zip files, some sequential (,, etc), and others not. The thing is, they number in the hundreds, and most contain RAR files within them, and simply extracting each one won’t do. I had to find an automated way to unzip all the zip files, and the utility that i usually use (BetterZip) didn’t seem to help.

Finally after trying a few methods (including the unzip command in Terminal), I found this method that was relatively straightforward and quick. In the folder that contained all the zip files that I wanted of a particular series, I would select all of them, and open them in Finder. This will execute the default Archiver unextract command, and you’ll have a bunch of folders now, which will each contain the contents of their individual zip files.

In that Finder window, search for “.rar” and you’ll see the list of RAR files that you’ve extracted. Now select all of them, and copy them to another folder. Now you can extract all of them at once.

That’s it! Hope this helps.

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