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How Does FireFox Weave Sync Benefit Me?

Mozilla Labs has been working on Weave, an official bookmark-syncing extension for Firefox. The newest version of Weave is out of beta, and on top of just bookmarks, it also supports syncing your FireFox history, passwords, preferences, location bar, and even your open tabs. It isn’t at a point where I would say that it’s reliable. For example, currently it only supports up to 25 open tabs, but sometimes depending on the project that I’m working on, I have 30+ or more.

mozilla firefox weave

In essence, it’s a very powerful service, that as the diagram shows, will allow you to work in the cloud, or at least, have your browser-related stuff in the cloud. That means you can be browsing on your home computer, leave for work, continue browsing on your mobile phone, and then reach the office to continue browsing on your office computer.

It makes sense to me, because you’ll probably only be using your browser when you’re connected to the Internet, and that makes connecting to an Internet-based sync tool like Weave a perfect idea. Interested? You should be, I know I am. Check out Mozilla Weave here.

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