GMail Trick

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Unlike most webmail services (e.g. Live mail or Yahoo mail), with GMail, you can actually do pretty neat stuff with your email address. For instance, did you know that you could put the + sign in your email, and still receive emails as per normal? So if your email address was, you could actually send an email to, and still receive your mails! This is because Gmail doesn’t recognize anything after the + sign.

GMail does record that particular email address though. To see it, just click on the “Show Details” link to expand the email header. You’ll be able to see the email address to which it was sent.

This trick is useful when you want to track email addresses. For instance, you could give out to your school-related stuff, and for work related stuff. If you want to see who uses a particular email address, you can tag it, maybe with a descriptive phrase or even a number like this:

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