When you place your trust and confidence in an online service, even something as huge as Google, you’re probably thinking that it’s infallible. Which is what I thought about Google and its services too, especially Gmail, which I personally use on a daily basis (actually it’s more like on a 5-minute basis).

Then this happened:

gmail outage problems

Scary? It definitely scared me.

I have my own web hosting account, so I had the habit of downloading all my stuff via POP to my computer, which I then back up regularly. So backups are something that I do already – but if you don’t, then you should really start thinking of backup plans, especially for your important data. Important data in my definition is ANYTHING that, once lost, will inconvenience you. If you aren’t doing your backups already, or feel that you might need some more information about backups, then check out this site about how to backup for help and tips on backup strategies and information.

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