Gaining Insight and Clarity When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

I think everyone should get out of their comfort zone. That may mean uprooting yourself from your daily routine, even leaving your country for a while, “abandoning” all of your friends and family for a period, and just immerse yourself in a totally different environment and culture. Meet new people, talk to strangers, experience new things. The insight and clarity that you gain is indescribable. I think I was disillusioned for a bit, but ever since I did the whole move-to-an-entirely-new-country thing, I’m already getting a better feel about what I want to do and become.

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2 comments On Gaining Insight and Clarity When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

  • I would love to leave my comfort zone if I didn’t have two children, a wife, and a mortgage. I guess I’ll have to wait a few more years….

  • This was such an informative, relevant answer. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m so happy to know I’ll be getting something out of you posts.

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