Father’s Day Big Skinny Coupon Code

If you haven’t gotten a Big Skinny wallet for your dad, now’s the time because Big Skinny’s offering a promotional coupon code until 21st June for free shipping of their slim wallets!

Free Regular Mail Shipping until 6/21/2009, just enter promotional code FD2009.

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2 comments On Father’s Day Big Skinny Coupon Code

  • With tomorrow being Father’s Day, I have always wondered what it is like to be a father. I am 34 and I will never be a father because women don’t like me because I am ugly.

  • I want to make Angel Food Cake on Father’s Day. But I have no clue what I want to do with it. Other than strawberries & whipped cream, what else is quick & easy, but looks fairly snazzy too?

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