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Learn how to build a business from a successful entrepreneur. I started off as a 17-year-old student not knowing anything about business, and grew it into an 8-figure exit. If I can do it, you can too.

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Hi, I’m Alvin Poh

Business isn’t hard, but it’s not for everyone. I’ve had over 17 years of entrepreneurship experience, and have had an 8-figure exit. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, then learn from a proven entrepreneur as I share my experiences and learnings.

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I blog about entrepreneurship and what it takes to start and build your own business. Learn the mindsets, skills, processes and systems that I used.

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I want to make sure everything I do is easily understood, and that all of you reach the same level of expertise needed for running a successful business.

About Author

I've over 17 years of entrepreneurship experience, having built a tech company to be the top in the country, which was subsequently acquired for an 8-figure sum. As CEO, I led the company through robust growth to 150 employees across 4 countries. After the acquisition, I embraced minimalism, sold off my personal possessions, and started living around the world.

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