Create Web 2.0 Graphics with Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Know the Web 2.0 look? The one with reflections, rounded corners and nice gradients? Well if you have Photoshop, you’re in luck, because this guy is giving out free layers (Just pop by his blog and download them — they’re completely free!). This will save you tonnes of time to create your Web 2.0 graphics.

Sample Web 2.0 button graphics

Done that? Now to use the layer styles, simply import them into Photoshop by using your preset manager (Edit > Preset Manager).

Loading layer styles into Photoshop

Once that’s done, you can start using your layer styles! How to use layer styles in Photoshop, you ask? Well, to use your new-found layer styles, simply create a new layer (the best example is of a shape, e.g. the default rectangle shape) and then go to Windows > Styles, and select the style that you want from there — and voila! You have just used a layer style!

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