Cool Inventions To Protect Your Valuables

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I love browsing through because you never know what you’ll come across. Like this bunch of really cool inventions that help protect your valuables in the most ingenious ways.

Just look at the hidden wall safe that looks like a power outlet – who would think to unscrew this and look inside? Or the can of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail that’s actually a safe? Maybe if the burglar’s really hungry, but come on – what are the chances! These are definitely so much better than stashing valuables in your bedroom dresser, because that’s the first place burglars would look. Neat!

Hidden Wall Safe

Inconspicuous Safe – Barbasol

Working wall clock with hidden safe

Dr Pepper – diversion safe

Del Monte Fruit Cocktail Diversion Can Safe

Suave Hairspray (7oz.) Diversion Can Safe

Scotchguard Household Diversion Safe

Book Safe Made with Real Book

Ajax Household Can

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