February 7

How To Connect SpeedTouch ST536 with Wireless Router


So I switched from cable to ADSL, but didn’t check if my wireless router could work out of the box. Well, it turned out that it could because I could surf the Internet just fine, or so I thought.

By not changing the settings to accomodate the ADSL modem, there was a weird phenomenon happening that caused frequent time-outs, FTP uploads failing, MSN messages not being sent or received properly, message loss, and the dreaded Page “Unable To Display” message in your browser until you refresh.

With such a host of problems, I did more research on my network configuration and tried to get my SpeedTouch ST536 ADSL modem to work with my Belkin wireless router properly. In fact, I was about to flash the SpeedTouch and get everything working in a bridge-mode setup until I discovered that there was an easier way!

If you think about it — the SpeedTouch can actually function as a router, and you can just use your wireless router as an access point. It means you don’t really fully maximise your router’s capabilities, but by using this setup, you ensure the fastest and most optimal way to configure your network.

How To Configure Your Wireless Router

In order for this configuration to work, you’ll need to do just a few things, in this order:

1.) Change your wireless router’s IP to (it most probably was or etc.)
2.) Disable DHCP (dynamic IP assignment) in your wireless router’s configuration panel
3.) Plug the ST536 modem’s cable into your wireless router’s LAN port (not WAN port or MODEM port). This is the same type of port that your computer is connected to your router by.
4.) Disconnect and connect any computers that are currently connected to your network.

Done! 🙂 This method worked for me, and I’m darn happy with my network now!

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  1. By using the speedstream as modem cum router and the wireless router as a switch, can I still access the wireless router with a WIFI laptop?
    Thanks in advance

  2. DANG Alvin!!!!!!

    I really had some doubts about your solution but, hell yeah!!!!
    it works like a charm

    Brilliant man, you are just brilliant

    Thanks for the fix

  3. I did the same thing, but did not take down the ip address of the access point, now i need to go in to setup the wireless encryption, how do i get in?

  4. Hmm if you’re using Win 2000 or Windows XP, these steps should do the trick:

    1) Click on Start
    2) Go to Run
    3) Type in: cmd
    4) At the prompt, type: ipconfig /all

    The gateway listed for your network adaptor is also your access point’s IP address

  5. Works great for me too via Linksys wrt54G with ddwrt firmware. Was going to find the long way of bridging it till i stumble onto your blog. Thanks mate!!

  6. Hi Alvin, I guess I need your help here. Currently I’m using SingNet broadband and I want to change my ISP to Starhub (wireless broadband). My question is.. to setup the wireless network can I use back the SPEEDTOUCH ST536 modem given by SingNet? Or must I get a wireless modem router?

  7. You mean Starhub’s mobile broadband? In any case, the SPEEDTOUCH ST536 modem is an ADSL modem configured to SingNet’s settings, so you can’t run it with Starhub’s cable network, or mobile broadband network. You’ll need to get a wireless router if you’re changing to Starhub and want more than 1 connection.

  8. Hi Alvin
    This has worked well for me, I can now access my network through the wireless, I can access the admin page of the modem (speedtouch 536) however I cannot get access to the internet. If I put the ethernet cable to the computer I can access the internet, but not when I use wireless. Do you have any ideas what I would need to do to get internet access.

      1. I managed to fix it.

        Changed the IP of the wireless router to

        Then I entered an IP address for my computer, and default gateway as (speedtouch IP) I took the Cable from the speedtouch out of the WAN and connected it via the standard port.

        It worked..

        Thanks again anyway.


  9. Hi there, just wanted to say what a great hand this was, we were about to sell our router and try a new one, as our belkin router wouldn't work with xbox live and voip, but using your method, everything works great! Thanks so much

  10. hi, i have a st536 as well, but i have no idea how to set it up through router. this is wad i did.
    1. i set up the st536 into bridge mode thru ie via the ip address of the modem.
    2. connected the modem to my linksys wrt160nv2 router. left every configuration as it is, except, i put connection type to pppoe and keep conection alive by redialling every 30s. also, i set dhcp reservation to enabled.
    3. i connected the modem's cable to router's “internet” port. and connected the pc to router thru the “pc1” port.

    is there anything i did wrong? cause im experiencing unstable connection. it will randomly disconnect and reconnect on and off and it happend quite a lot of times for a day.. please advise me thoroughly as im not very tech savvy. thx a lot for ur help. (:

  11. Hi Alvin, I am using a Thomson ST536 (non-wifi) connected via ethernet cable to a Linksys WRT54GL (tomato firmware) and I would like to DISABLE the router features of the ST536… this is because I want to avoid “double NAT” as it probably is the case right now. Will your setup do the job? Thanks, Rykel

  12. Hi

    I am trying to configure my speedtouch ST536 modem with wireless router TPLink. How do I change the IP address of my router for configuration??

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