12 Best Practices to Grow Your Business


At its largest, the company that I was running, Vodien, had 150 employees spread over 4 countries. I didn’t learn about organisational behaviour or organisational management in school, but I quickly realised I needed structure and systems to grow the company smoothly and not have everything implode. Here’s what I learnt are the best practices when I was running my company. Best Practice 1: Vision...

Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Business


Live the life you deserve by becoming who you should be. The world is changing rapidly, and having your own online business gives you the flexibility to work when and where you want, and spend time with your hobbies, friends and family. Starting a business is tough work. Nobody believes you can do it at the start, but it’s possible. I know, because I did it, and I want to show you how...

How To Find a Business Idea


How to find a business idea is a challenge that a lot of people face, but it’s not necessarily as hard as people make it out to be. This is a pretty common question, so I’ve included a section about it in my free guide that I’ve created for you. For those of you who haven’t gotten it, pop over to my homepage and download my free guide on how to start your business, but first, let’s start with...

Why You Don’t Need a Great Business Idea


Is a great business idea really necessary to succeed? I’ve heard from a lot of people that you don’t know whether your business idea is good enough, and it’s one of the bigger problems that you face when starting a business. In fact, it’s literally one of the things that prevent you from actually moving forward. First of all the good news: No one knows when an idea will be a great idea. And...

Letting Tasks Go So That You Can Get More Done


One of the biggest mind-blocks that I had to overcome as an entrepreneur was how I needed to shift tasks away from myself. Coming from a background where it was continually told to me that hard work is valued, it was difficult letting work go and even tougher getting other people to do it. However, this is necessary, especially when you’re running a business or leading a team. The idea...

Become Successful By Having a Personal Masterplan


“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there” Lewis Carroll I’ve heard many people say that the opposite of success is failure. That’s not true. In fact, failure is a necessary part of success. Every time you fail at something, you’re finding out another way that doesn’t work, which will ultimately bring you a step closer to finding...

How I Started a Business With Just $115


Before I started my first business in 2002, I was a freelancer who did website design — which was another way of saying that I was a student trying to make money designing websites for companies. I had no business nor company, but that was a plus point for some businesses. They were willing to work with freelancers like myself because we could charge them a lower fee as a result. There are...

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