Best Protein Bar Review: Which Is The Healthiest Of Them All?

I’ve been trying to change my diet to eat a lot cleaner and healthier food recently, and that means less of processed foods (hams, sausages, burger patties, candy, etc), sugared drinks, and artificial stuff, like artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, that also leaves me in a bit of a problem when I get hungry in the middle of the day, or when I’m on the move, because I’m suddenly faced with a lot less options to turn to. Protein Bars Are Convenient

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Essential .htaccess Tips and Tricks

People running on a good web host should be able to make use of a .htaccess file, which is a plain text file that allows you to have configuration rules that affect your Unix web server on a per-directory basis. This is a good starting .htaccess file that beefs up your web server’s security, with rules from a post on, and Regex Character Definitions For htaccess In addition, I found the following write-up useful for understanding the characters

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How To Easily Mass Update Multiple Email Messages With The Same Text

As an email marketer, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a set of text in all your different email messages, that you can change in one place, and have all your emails messages updated together? Well, I just discovered that AWeber could do this with their global snippets feature. The other email marketing services do not seem to have this feature, so that says again how powerful AWeber is as a marketing service. This is awesome and is

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Book Review: Who’s Got Your Back by Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi’s Who’s Got Your Back covers a few main areas, but mostly emphasises on the need for us to have an inner circle of trusted people. These are your mentors, coaches, and confidants who will only want the best for you, and can provide you with accountability and perspective, the two things that you can’t get if you are by yourself. He covers four main mindsets that are necessary for the cultivation of these relationships, and will be vital

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How To Set Up Your Own VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are beautiful things that allow you to get past firewalls, protect your data when you’re using WiFi networks of a suspicious nature (Free Airport Wifi?), and even get access to country-specific websites and services. You can get VPN service from VPN providers — or you can have your very own private IP by renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server), and creating your own VPN through it. I’m using a VPS from a Singapore-based hosting company, called

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How To Import Excel Dates Into MySQL Using PHPMyAdmin

I tried importing a CSV into PHPMyAdmin, and everything got imported successfully except the date. The date used in Excel is different from MySQL, and number formatting won’t work in this case. The only solution that I found was to create a new column, and apply this formula to it (assuming column A has dates such as 01/31/2014 in it): =TEXT(A1,”YYYY-MM-DD”) This will then allow you to import CSVs with dates into MySQL without any problems.

How To Enable Gzip Compression

Whenever someone visits your website, your website’s server will deliver all the required files (text, CSS, HTML, etc) to the visitor’s computer. Logically, the bigger the files, the longer it takes for your website to load on your visitor’s computer. The main reason why gzip is important is because it speeds up file transfer speeds by reducing the size of your page elements, which translates into faster website loading times. Gzip is a server-side technology that automatically compresses some of

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