Download Free Color Scheme or Themes For TextWrangler and BBEdit

I’ve switched to TextWrangler as my text editor of choice on the Mac, and I’m loving it. It’s fast, powerful, and very easy to use. One pet peeve though, is that the default color scheme is a boring black-on-white, and so off I went around to look for others. It didn’t take too long before I found what I was looking for that Andrew Hazelden created and offered up for download. It’s called the “Midnight Blue” color scheme for TextWrangler

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Understanding Tyre Safety

Tyres (or tires, depending on where you’re from) are a vital part of the car, and are especially so since they are the only form of contact that your car has with the road. Regular checks on your tyres and performing regular maintenance should be the norm, but first you need to know that there are seveeral areas that you need to understand about your tyres. Tyre Manufacture Date Tyres have a 4-year lifespan and the manufacture date of the

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How To Scroll Horizontally (Left and Right) in Mac OS

This is something new to me, and something that I know doesn’t work in Windows XP. I was programming on my Macbook, when all the long, horizontal lines of code started bugging me. I had to click on the horizontal scrollbar and move the focus left and right, and I thought to myself, “Isn’t there a better way to do this? Let’s just see how smart the Apple developers are.” My first thought was that I should have gotten a

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Free Cool Desktop Wallpaper for Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux

I like my stuff to be customised and different from the stock look that everyone has, so I download apps, themes, skins, templates, whatever, to spice up my software, devices, and applications. The most basic customisation is probably your computer’s desktop wallpaper. Many people use a personal photo, or a funny picture, or something cool. Well, if you’re looking for a cool desktop wallpaper, then check this out. is hosted by Vodien, and just today, they released a cool-looking

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Facebook and Twitter have been growing phenomenally in the past few years, and it’s interesting to see how people are yearning to connect with each other and stay updated through these social networking means. The advent has given rise to new terminology such as micro-blogging, as introduced by Twitter. Getting everyone together is no easy task. I was pleased to see that Singapore has its own share of social networking sites as well. is one such social network-based website,

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What Does “USPS Arrival At Unit” Mean?

So I’ve been looking at the USPS tracking page for a parcel that’s supposed to arrive, and today I found that it said “Arrival at Unit”. Joy, I thought, because it had finally arrived! I went outside only to find…nothing. Shock and horror followed, as I immediately had imaginations of my parcel being stolen or lost. Then it occurred to me that maybe “Unit” wasn’t *my* unit. Well, yeah. So it turns out that “Unit” in this case actually means

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