Can’t Call Out With The iPhone? How To Fix To The Call Failed Problem with iPhone

I found out that my new iPhone has terrible reception, even in places with supposedly good coverage. It turns out that it’s because of certain settings that I didn’t configure properly. After I changed them, all was good again!

So if your iPhone is like mine and you see “Call Ended” and then “Call Failed” immediately after trying to dial out from your iPhone, even though there’s a good signal (i.e. you can see signal bars, so you are connected to your carrier). Then relax, because there probably is no problem with the phone — you PROBABLY just need to do these 2 steps:

1) Go to Settings > General > Date and Time. Switch off “Set Automatically” and manually select your hometown (the default is Cupertino). If you dont change it, you will not be able to make outgoing calls. But the wierd part is, you will still be able to receive incoming calls. Once done, manually set the date and time, and restart your iPhone. If you want, you can reset the 2 settings to “Set Automatically” again.

2) Next, go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID > Switch this to “ON”. Usually with these steps, things should be okay already. If not, you have to turn off “Call Forwarding” and “Call Waiting” as well.

Hope that helps!

Update: For iPhone 3.0 and later, after unlocking you might get no service (in an area you know has good service). In these cases, try turning 3G off, or Push Notifications off.

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  1. Cool…! I was about to visit SingTel to fix this issue for me..spent almost 30 mins over the phone with tech support but no use. So, decided to check the google university and found your note….thanks a ton!

  2. Hi, was just wondering why i can’t upload music videos dragged from Limewire-Itunes-to my iphone… It’s so frustrating. Was checking out other answers from other blogs, still in didnt work. Any suggestions? thanks . Would appreciate it.

    Thank you too re: info of that “e” on the left hand corner of the unit.. Was wondering what it was. 🙂


  3. I’m not sure about Limewire-Itunes, but I managed to get videos on to my phone. they had to be in mp4 though..are your videos in mp4?

  4. I cannot update on my iPhone. When I leave the settings then the Location field returns to default. I can, however, set the date and caller’s ID. Just the location wouldn’t persist.
    Do you have any idea what needs to be done?

  5. Hey Zdary, I’m not sure why that’s the case because I’ve never experienced that before. Sorry to hear that!

  6. Hi! I have simular fault on my iphone 3g, i have good reciption but cant recive or make calls, text message works well though.. I tried your solution but it did not work, somebody got a suggestion?

  7. w/ iphone 3g on Nov 4 2008… I followed step #1, (step #2 setting was already the same) rebooted iphone and I was good to go. This might be related to Daylight Saving Time??

  8. yes, there is. You need to ask your network provider to remove your phone from a black list or sell your phone abroad.

  9. Well, this worked for me. I called my network provider and let them remove the IMEI from their black list. Since then I can make calls.

    Regarding to my brain, I’ll let it without comments. After all, I’m the one with my mobile working.

  10. Zdary,I took it in a wrong way ,when u talked abt
    “Black list”and selling it arbrod….
    I thought you were rude….
    Sorry for being rude mysely…….I am really sorry

  11. Mate,
    Tried the above and that didn’t work. Also have done system restore, network setting reset, new SIM card, still no good. Did put my SIM card in anotherphone and the outgoing call works fine.

    I can do everything BUT make an outgoing call. Do I need a new phone?

    Bizarre that it just stopped working all of a sudden.

  12. that *is* strange, because with what you’ve tried, it should definitely have worked by now if it was a problem with the settings. have u tried bringing it back to apple then? it sounds like it might be a problem with the phone instead

  13. can u add me in msn wit my address of [email protected]? i got a problem while i 1st day get my iphone… i put it in itune and it updated my iphone, and now my phone not reconize my sim card… i saw many web tat teach us how to reboot and jailbreak our iphone. But i try, stil canot. i really need ur help and guide on this problem. thanks.

  14. I had the same problem, all was working good and then one morning it would not make outgoing calls..same problem as above, call fails and ends immediately. All other functions worked fine…called AT&T, they patched me through with Apple, swapped SIM cards, etc…could not isolate the issue, Apple replaced phone. Only other issue that was resolved with the replacement was that when push email was active, my batteries would drain in a couple of hours, phone got real hot. The new phone does not have that problem. So I would suggest calling Apple for a replacement…warranty is 1 year on the 3g phone.

  15. Dude, I was freaking Out Until I Read Your Post ” YOU ARE THE MAN ” !!!!!

    Thank You Very Much It Worked GREAT !.

  16. I tried everything you said and didn’t work… can’t make outgoing calls ,the wierd part is that when I go to show my caller ID is always on won’t turn off ????

  17. Very well done. Got really with this silly situation of having the phone working for everything except to make call.
    How did you manage to find this stuff?

  18. Thanks a lot. I had this problem for over a month and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Your note greatly helped… T H A N K S.

  19. I tried step 1. It didn’t work. I tried step 2-turing off caller ID, when I went to caller ID, the “on/off” button is faint and doesn’t respond to touch. Help!

  20. Same problem as Sherri.

    There is no such thing as “Set automatically” in Date/time and the ‘on/off’ button for Show caller id is stuck on “on”.

    help please

  21. Thanks a lot for the advice. In my case I only needed to toggle the Set Automatically button off, then on. Maybe related to the daylight savings time change (wild guess)?

  22. I have same outgoing call problems, try your method but it doesn’t work……pls teach me is there other ways…

  23. my i phone 3g faces the same problem. it can’t make out going calls and receive any calls. “Call Ended” and then “Call Failed”appears when i make out going phone calls and when i receive calls by sliding the bar, it just hand there and no more respond.

    yesterday, the phone phone hang n the whole screen turns while and it remains until my battery flat. after i recharge the phone, it back to normal home screen look yet still can’t receive n make calls.

    i tried the #1 n #2, but i cant make any changes for my “show my caller ID” part.

    this case happens about 3 days ago. before that, my phone is still functioning well. my firmware version is 2.1.1

    my phone is very important for my work. please help me…. really need your help and hope to hear from u or anyone who willing to help very soon as i m getting mad.

    thanks 1st 🙂

  24. I tried the set automatically but it didn’t work 🙁 I still can’t make outgoing calls. When I reboot I get a message saying I need WI-FI because my download is over 10MB, how can I cancel whatever is downloading?

  25. are you on 3g or edge/gprs? you’ll probably need to turn it off — some application’s probably running and wants to download something


    1) Switch on Airplane Mode
    2) Switch off Show Caller ID
    3) Make a call to test
    4) Switch off Airplane Mode
    3) Make a call to test



    1) Switch on Airplane Mode (Settings)
    2) Switch off Show My Caller ID (Settings->Phone)
    3) Switch off Airplane Mode
    4) Make a call to test
    5) Switch on Show My Caller ID
    6) Make a call to test

  28. thanx i tried the first solution it worked. the prob is i got my handset from my brother from US. Got it unlocked and using it as a normal gsm phone. How do i know my handset is 2G or 3G?

  29. @swift: congrats on getting your iphone! there are definitely ways to check, but i guess the fastest way is to look at the back of your iphone…2g iphone has a silver back, while the new 3g iphones have a glossy white or black back =)

  30. OMG! I tried every trick on this blog and still no in or out-going calls. This just started happening yesterday. Whenever I cut off the 3G the phone pretty much locks up for about 1 minute and then says NO SERVICE. I need some serious help before I go talk to these idiots at AT&T. I wish there were an Apple store in north Louisiana! 🙁

  31. I had a similar problem. I wished I’d seen Alvin’s post before I did anything. I wasn’t able to try his solution. But anyways, I did some research and here’s what I found…

    For Jailbroken iPhone 3gs…
    …some say to restore from a backup made prior to your INITIAL jailbreak.
    …some also commented that some jailbroken app can null AT&Ts network settings. I guess someone checked through SSH, and actually opened the system files of an iphone.
    …I’ve been searching online to see if I can find where I can locate the network folder on an iphone and its contents, still no success.
    …If everything fails, restore your jailbroken iphone, go to an apple store, and if your iphone is still under warranty, they’ll replace it.

    Most online forums with this specific type of problem are from jailbroken iphone. Is your iphone jailbroken????

  32. Follow up….

    I had my iphone for two months, and this problem popped its ugly head out. Prior to this, I had jailbroken my iPhone 2 weeks prior.

  33. Hey everybody. Just an update on my “call failed” issue…2 weeks ago I mailed my iPhone off via FedEx on a Monday. Apple had me a new iPhone by Wednesday afternoon. Guess what happened the following weekend. iPhone said “Restore Needed” and to logon to iTunes. I did that, negative results, called Apple and force-restored it, negative!!! So I’m waiting on my 3rd iPhone this month to come in today. Yaaaaaaay!!!!

  34. please i need help still its not working the caller id on off is faded i cant turn it off or on.. please i really need helpp

  35. Thank you., It just did what I needed by doing the caller ID enable., However its interesting to see that my friend’s phone works with the caller ID OFF.,

  36. Thank you so much for this! was here on a business trip and could not dial out with my singtel prepaid card (not to mention the salespeople were as helpful as tits on a bull… your tip did the trick!

  37. everytime i travel and come back back home i get this problem.
    i fixed it the other day and had to travel again. the funny part it works wherever i go and when i’m back i just cant make any calls.
    today while trying to fix it using ur suggestion i discovered that show my caller id was disabled. later had to remove the sim and put it back and it worked.
    any idea why this is happening in the first place? should i get the phone checked?

  38. Learning how to make ones toys function optimally can be quite challenging, as things can be hidden away, deep in some obscure menu that you’ll never find unless prompted. Thanks for sharing your insights and advise, Alvin!

  39. hey alvin..whenever i left my iphone off due to low battery, the signal get lost when i turned it on, and says NO SERVICE after awhile.. my iphone btw is a 3g..need your help man..

  40. im from the philippines not using any sim card unlocker or just using an ordinary sim card.. last week..the signal was good but its happens (lost its signal) whenever i left my iphone off…i have to turn on and off the airplane mode , take out the sim card..just like the techinician told me to do..but this time around its not working…my iphone 3g is running on 2.28 firmware…do you think upgrading it to 3.0 can do something on its signal problem? im afraid to upgrade it since the last time i did it..the phone was locked and i have to brought to the technician no unlocked the my phone.

  41. I’m not sure why that’s the case. I know those symptoms should like what would happen with a SIM card unlock, but in your case, it’s strange because you aren’t using one. Well, many people did experience better reception with the 3.0, so that *may* work.

  42. alvin, after i’ve upgraded to firmware 3.0 my iphone 3g lost cydia icon and all cydia can i get back my lost applications from cydia/ please help

  43. Hi,

    My Iphone doesn’t make/recieve calls or send messages, if i try and make a call it just ends it within a second or two and the same with the messages – I recently jailbreaked my Iphone becuase before my Iphone would always just say “No Service” and “Waiting For Activation” – I tried activating on itunes but the screen that was supposed to come up with the AT&T registration etc didn’t, so i jailbreaked my Iphone and this problem has occured, Please help!

  44. That sounds like a problem with the phone itself – have you checked it with Apple support? Or if it’s supposed to be used with AT&T and you’re using it with another carrier, have you unlocked it?

  45. I don’t think the phone was supposed to be used with AT&T as it is only available on 02 in the UK – I bought the phone of a friend, if i buy an AT&T sim off the web do you think that may work? I checked the IMEI online on this and it says it’s unblocked, I’ve also tried restoring the phone all to no avail.

  46. Hi,

    I’m on a iPhone 3G, v2.2.1, Starhub

    I’m unable to make outgoing calls but I can receive incoming. I followed your instructions except that the “Show caller ID” is faded and I’m unable to enable or disable it. How else can I fix this problem? Thanks

  47. hey alvin, i have another problem brother’s android phone (T-mobile phone) has been locked ( screen locked), and he was told to enter his gmail account and password to be able to navigate the the screen again., but the problem is he forgot his gmail password since he’s not the one who made it and it was one of the people in that store in HK you made to be able to use the he’s back in HK and brought it to store where he purchased it, but the problem is the person who made the gmail account no longer remember the passwod too….hope you solution to this one.. btw its the same store where my iphone was bought too last year(merit digital in HK, that’s the stores name)..thanks in advaced.

  48. henz: Try going to Settings>>Apps>>Manage Apps, and clear the “Google Apps” field. If that doesn’t work, then you need to do a factory reset, following these steps:

    1. Power off the G1
    2. Hold Home Key + End key for 20 seconds or until you see a “triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1”
    3. Open the QWERTY keyboard and hit Alt+W
    4. Done

  49. alvinn: our phone is ok now (iphone&G1) brother went to HK where the phone was bought, they fixed the phones since its still under warranty..thanks anyway..

  50. heh Alvin, you seem to play an active role here man!!!
    Anyway, i just got an iPhone3gs with 3.1 fw and i have upgraded my 2G iphone to 3.0… Everything seems to be working well, but after reloading Cydia and installing some applications from APP store through itune: everything is working properly, except that i could hardly receive call in a good reception area”… It seems so strange cuz i can call out…

    Do you have any idea, Alvin??
    I’m looking forward for your feedback!!!

  51. heh Alvin, you seem to play an active role here man!!!
    Anyway, i just got an iPhone3gs with 3.1 fw and i have upgraded my 2G iphone to 3.0… Everything seems to be working well, but after reloading Cydia and installing some applications from APP store through itune: everything is working properly, except that i could hardly receive any incoming call even though m in a good reception area”… It seems so strange cuz i usually make an outgoing call without any doubt…

    Do you have any idea, Alvin??
    I’m looking forward for your feedback!!!

  52. Hi Daya, I had that problem once after unlocking my phone, but I re-unlocked my phone and it fixed that. Perhaps u can try that too and see if that helps with your incoming calls?

  53. Thank Alvin, I did that once already n u kno the phone seems to be working well for couple days but then it $@$€#£…

    Anyway, I’ve been googling n I found 1 blog n they advice to turn off Push Notification n I did that n now everything is working properly ^_^

    thank Alvin for ur great help

  54. oh! I forgot about that! I had the same problem when I first unlocked my 3G iPhone and had to turn off 3G. Weird that for you it’s “push notification”. Anyway good catch Daya, I better update my post with that new information, thanks!

  55. Heh Alvin, how have u been so far??? Anyway, m back here again with different problem.
    Do u have any idear on how to fix cydia: host unreacheable, operation timeout, caches failure when I started download every thru different source like Bigboss, div team, hackiphone, iclassified and so forth…. Only very few app can b installed (2% out of 100%)

    it is tough this time since I dun wanna re-jb n surfing online all day long with nothing..

    If u’ve been thru, plz kindly advice me…

  56. Hey Daya! I’ve been good, how’re you doing?

    It sounds like your sources got corrupted. Have you tried going to Manage>Sources and recreating your sources?

  57. hey alvin , my iphone cant connect to my wifi network..the technician had already checked my router and its working fine..since the laptop that he’s using can connect to the wifi..its only my iphone that cant connect..this the first time that i have a wifi problem with my iphone 3g…btw the iphone software now is 3.0.1.hope you could help me again//thanks

    • Try removing and adding the wifi network from your iphone? To do so, go to Settings > WiFi, select your network from the “Choose a network” section, and click on the right arrow for that network.

      Then click on the “Forget this network” button on the next screen to delete the network. Now add it again to see if it works.

      This is assuming that your iphone’s wifi works. Checking this is easy – just go to your friend’s wifi network, or a public wifi network and see if your iphone can connect. if it can, then it’s a problem with your iphone connecting to your wifi network only.

  58. the wifi network that i used before is no longer present
    i dont why it just can do the “forget network” thing if the network is no longer there? when i try to add my wifi netwrok again, it cannot detect the networ. i already reset my network settings, but still the same.:-(

  59. too bad .i already reset all network settings, but its still the same,, my iphone still cant detect my wifi network

  60. Alvin, does jailbreaking the iphone 3gs with the blackra1n software have anything to do with the reception being so poor, I have an issue where I can not even dial out without call failed, and people calling me have a hard time hearing me, due to “breaking up,” or static!!

  61. thanks man it works 🙂
    but now my problem is with Wi-Fi the signal bar show strong and its connected but when I try using safari its says ‘your not connected to wifi’ something like that can you help me ?

  62. Hi, today I had Jailbroken my Iphone 3g v. 3.1.2 and i cant text, call or get 3g! I cant see the AT&T sign and there is only 1 small bar. I used Pwnage. Although i forgot the version of it and ill give it to you as soon as i get this and is there any way i can fix this? Please help me!!!

  63. Hi Alvin,

    Need your help. I’m quite frustrated with my iPhone 3GS 3.1.2.
    It always turns to ‘Call Failed’, i cannot make a call. Sometimes I tried to play around the notification, location services, my phone number where it actually works but only for temporary.

    I can receive call and browse as usual except the outgoing call.

    I believe you have a clue for this one.

    P/s advise.


    • Is your phone an unlocked or jailbroken one? Perhaps you could try some of the workarounds mentioned in the comments above – there’re several settings that you can try exploring

  64. Hi Alvin,

    My phone is original unlocked, bought from Apple Store Hongkong. Initially there’s no problem at all when I used my Indonesian SIM provider. After a while, I changed to other Indonesian provider, it’s when the problem starts. It just cannot make an outside call.

    Already playing with the Date Setting, Notification, My Phone Number, Location Services. Sometimes it works but most of the time failed again and again.

    P/s advise if you have any clue.


    • Did you bought your iPhone from Apple Premium Resellers or Apple Online Store because there is no Apple Store in Hong Kong yet!

  65. hi alvin,

    i just follow the steps u mention regarding “outgoing call problem but ite seems it doesnt work on my iphone. once i made a call its saying “i dont have enough credit on my account but once i check it, i have enough credit. and one thing also, some deduction on my current balance after the call.

    i check already all the blog having same problem.

    hope u can find solution as soon as possible.

  66. I have an IPHONE 3GS that cannot make outgoing calls and send sms as well, I am wondering why I dont have the option of switching off on setting the date and time automatically. Software version 3.1.3

  67. I too have this same problem. Normally network is full but when u make or try to receive calls network goes off. However u can still receive text. Have searched umpteen forum but dont seem to get the solution. Could u please share ur suggestions etc.

  68. my man, i've had this problem ever since my friend told me to turn off my 3g, searched everywhere about this problem and i just got it to work! by jus ti mean 1 min ago! just TRY turning your 3g off and on it back? i know that my problem was the 3g

  69. Used Google search with this string:

    “cannot make phone calls out without resetting iphone 3g”

    and was taken here. – thank you. Worked great

    (using iPhone 3Gs v iOS4)

  70. Hi ,
    I am facing the same problem with my iPhone 3g IOS 4.0,
    only some times i am unable to make outgoing call, but getting incoming call, and also incoming oand outgoing SMS is ok. and some times all calls is Ok also.

    I have done the same as suggested. but still problem is there.

  71. No it didnt work for me, i had this phone on contract, but then i decided to stop the contract. Once that happend i tryed inserting my O2sim-card. then tryed making a phone call. But then all of a sudden it said 'CALL ENDED', then straight after 'CALL FAILED'. please could you help me asap, what do i do? :/

  72. Hmm those steps worked for me after some trial and error. I'm afraid I'm not sure what to do in your case – play around with the settings perhaps? Maybe it's just a configuration that needs to be toggled.

  73. hi friend,
    i got same error 'call ended call failed'' and not signal my singal is 0 how i can fix it please tell me. thanks!

  74. Like me, I tried almost everything here but failed.. then try & error, I removed some latest apps I donwloaded (the to-do list-kind of apps) and there it goes, the iphone is back to normal.. it seems like some apps tempered with my phone settings but can't detect it until the apps is removed..

  75. Hey guys THANKS A LOT, I tried every other method and it didnt work. Even your suggestion didnt help. Then I tried turning ON face time IT WORKED!!!!!


  76. @Renevic I’m sorry – I switched away from the iPhone so I’m not sure about things regarding it anymore. Check everything first though, such as whether the SIM works on another phone, and so on? Good luck!

  77. good day,my problem alvin is when i makea call from my iphone it always says network fail.ive tiried your 2 steps bti cantmake through.i can use this when im in the philippines,now im in saudi i cant make a calll.and i dont receive a call.can you help me.

  78. Dear alvin,

    i have the same problem with my Iphone. But i can’t do the first step cuz I can’t see “Set automatically” menu. And for the second step i can’t adjust “Show my caller ID” cuz it faint.

    Please help me with one…. 🙁 PLEASE!!!!!!


    T H A N X!!!!!!!!!!

    iPHONE IS WORKING!!!!!!!

  80. your awesome! thank you so much you save my time. coz i already wasted my time looking for some fix for this. thanks for sharing ….

  81. My 3gs 4.1 stoped working suddenly…OUT OF SERVICE and couldnt make any calls and texts…..
    Day before i installed HACKULO.US (source code) and INSTALLOUS……everything was working good (maybe just little bit slow…)
    After that i installed another source code ( and this killed my network!!!!!!!
    Now I got 1/5 and I think all because what i install….
    Need to clean up the phone and should comeback to normal….

  82. hihi thanx for help my iphone…i ad find more than 10 people expert iphone including maxis technichien..also cant help me…thankx a lot….

  83. Firstly Alvin, good site.
    I’ve got a iPhone 4 which is jailbroken with limera1n operating on 4.0.1 carrier7.0 and base band 1.59.00. I have a problem when I travel outside of Denmark to some countries. I can receive a provider and full signal but can’t receive or send SMS or calls. I can however use the emergency number. The sim is international and works if i put it back in my Nokia. Ive tried everything ón this site and others.

    • Ahh…I’m afraid that’s not something that I’m familiar with, Jack. Apologies, and I hope you find a solution soon.

  84. Oops. Accidently send that early. I have also noticed I only get problems after I use flight mode, but maybe coincidence. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  85. Thanks so much for the advice! I have a 3G phone that randomly started having this outgoing call problem 4 days ago. (I only had this problem while in my apartment building, which was a little weird.) I restored my phone, got all new software updates, replaced my phone, and replaced my SIM card, and nothing worked. Luckily I came across your blog, and as soon as I turned 3G off–no problems! Thanks again!

  86. Thx Alvin tht worked just fine but i would like to ask tht do we have to do this every few days to ensure phones’s working? Actually earlier when i faced this prob i turned off 3g n it started working but again after 2 days it was bak to square one so i followed ur trick. i bought my phone from singapore as well. will this prob persist?????

  87. Had my iphone 4 unlocked and couldn’t make calls after that. Stumbled across your website and tried the instructions. Worked perfectly for mine. Thanks Alvin!

  88. thanks a lot for advice,
    Changed sim cards twice,
    called vodafone customer care 5 times,visited customer care center 3 times
    wasted 12 man hours but nobody helped.
    again thanks a lot.

  89. Thanks here from Brazil man!! You’re saving phones around the world!!
    almost a week without making calls were driving me crazy!

  90. Hi,
    I tried all these settings and couldnt work out for me. please help me. my Iphone is 3g with 4.2 jail broken and instaleed ultrasnow fron cydiea but no result.. and show my caller id is always off and disabled .. can get the incoming calls but cant make out going.. thanks in advance..


  91. I have jailbroken my iphone 3g. After the jailbreak it cant get connected to any network, not even with 2g. plz help plz

  92. thnxxxxxxxxxxxxx it worked.. m so happy 🙂 the apple ppl shld hire this guy…he is a genius….god bless u

  93. nothing in this article or the comments worked for me. i’m about three seconds away from throwing my phone against a wall.

  94. Try this it worked for me…

    Originally Posted by Lanatus View Post
    I’m on 3GS IOS4.1 (JB). Encountered call failed problem as well.
    Caller ID switch was greyed out in iphone setting. Found one solution which allow me to toggle the “show my caller Id” switch again by installing “Caller ID SBSettings toggle” via Cydia.”

  95. guys i have iphone 4 and i have stupid problem…like i am not able to make calls via phone, it gives me message call failed..the same sim card i put into my E51 i am able to make calls. I also asked for help with docomo cust case..but they are unable to solve it and told me to change the handset…
    my iphone is factory unlocked and bought from canada…

    pls help…

  96. hi i have an iphone 16gb with the updated software version 4.3.2 my ihpone since yesterday has been acting weird every time i try to make a call it immediatly says call ended and when someone trys to ring me they get the engaged dialtone back and i recieve no missed calls from it. i can text and do everything else normal but cannot recieve or make any phone calls!! i brought it into my network providor and they cannot explain it can anyone figure this out!?

  97. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much… you have no idea how grateful I am to you. Blogging really makes a difference to people’s lives

  98. strange. it worked for only 1 day. next morning i woke up, it was giving call failed errors again.


  99. Worked perfectly on jail broken 3GS iOS 4.3.1 – have been on edge for months- was about to spend hours doing a full restore from scratch – you are awesome!

  100. Dude,

    your solution did not work but put me on the right track. If anything of the above does not work, turn off your 3G(edge/gprs), location, go to your mail-settings and turn of ‘push'(tis is what did it for me!! ;-)) and basicly turn your iphone into a normal “old-school phone” and try to make a call. After that you can put your settings back…Whooooo,…Im back baby!

    PS I have a 4G Iphone. good luck!!
    THANX big time!!

  101. please answer me this! my iphone 4 white cant call but can receive phone calls from others. how to fix this? i tried to do what you said but i didn’t work. Please answer me!

  102. Thanks, this worked for me.
    I had the problem earlier and switched of Wi Fi. This worked for a while and then again the problem recurred. This is a problem Apple should address in their next software fix!

  103. I have the same (can’t call out) problem. The methods (as posted by Alvin) worked only for a short while, and the problem came back. I found a permanent solution, do a restore (connect iPhone with iTunes and click the restore button), and after the phone is restored to factory default, set it up as a new iPhone by giving it a different name. Don’t worry, all your original apps, data, etc. will still be transferred over to the iPhone under a new name. My phone has been working fine since.

  104. thank you very much. this worked on my phone and i just want to express my appreciation for you posting this fix.

  105. Thanks from me too – phone (3Gs) been working fine for well over a year & doing all of the above, just in case, has sorted it – got a flood of txt messages all in one go 🙂

  106. I have the same problems as yours, I always did as you wrote above whenever I got call failed message when I was making a call, but that problem back when I restart/shutdown the phone.

    It is only happens to my iPhone. My friend iPhone doesn’t have problem like this.

    at first I thought it was my SIM problem, but when I changed my SIM to another operator that problem still occurs (my iphone is FU).

    I have update my firmware to the latest one (at that time ios 4.3.3) but that’s not help.

    I decided to bring my iphone to operator to get the change. Because I believe this is not standard way to fix Call Failed problem by turn on/off hide number/call waiting/airplane mode. Any one of you have read how to fix that in apple website? I don’t think so.

    Now I got my new iphone without Call Failed problem.

  107. ohhh at last i found a way to fix it……….i spend hours before this issue ….cant believe the error had such a simple fix……………that Helped me a lot………..thanks friend…..

  108. Thanks glad this was here after doing a 4.3.5 update a few days later I couldn’t call out or txt. Had bars just said calling or call failed and txt would fail. If this was not out there I would have been in trouble thanks again!!!

  109. I had this problem and fixed my phone disabling WiFi and it worked fine for a week. Then the problem reccured.

    This time I disabled auto update time and data roaming. The phone worked for a day. The problem reccured.

    I then went to the iStore and they replaced my phone!

    Now I have a new iPhone 3GS


  110. thanks a lot for the tips. simple but works! i have this problem for a month. Now solved. I have tried setting but off course only focus on phone setting, call setting, do reset, never thought on date & time. How come iphone have this problem? Again… thanks!

  111. Thanks for posting this! My iphone wouldnt call out, and only for reading this I just realised i wasnt receiving calls either!. I didnt get the Call Failure msg, my phone just wouldnt call out or receive a call.

    This worked a treat!!!

  112. It worked the first time i tried it but this problem reappear again after sometime…Do i need to continue doing this everytime?

  113. Now I have a new iPhone 3GS problem. (I can’t call out) I tried every thing but dint help………..
    Is there anything other that to make it work, I try to make a call,answer,{call ended )please there some help.please…..

  114. my iPhone 3GS a few days later Ichange other company ,in same day I
    couldn’t call out , problem is when making outgoing calls, the call ended ,now I make evry cmpany sim not work Iam lookingfor solution if there some one to help me.please. my msn
    ( [email protected] ) thanks

  115. I’m unabe to make calls but receiving calls. i did what you said even i updated firmware as well to version 5.0.1 but still not able to make calls, please tell me what to do???

  116. Hey thanks a lot for this
    I was in so much trouble and I was just about to take it to technician n spend whole pocket money to fix this issue
    But this method fixed the issue I don’t know how to thank you
    But really u r amazing thankssssssssssss

  117. Very big thanks coz im sffring with the outgoing call failed problem from last 10days now solved it so im saying again&again thankssss!!!!

  118. dude those two steps u gave me. i checked them out and it worked. but the only problem still remaining is that after a 4-5 days the problem there any way that this problem can b solved permanently.
    do reply on [email protected]

  119. Hi, i have an iphone 3gs which i bought a few weks ago. the seller said it was locked to orange and i could see on the iphone settings that it is locked to orange. i am getting good signal but i tried calling out and wouldnt work. doesnt recieve calls. and wont send or recieve texts. i tried your solution but still same thing. please help. should i take it to an orange shop?

  120. Thank you so much, have had this problem with phone for 2 days now and just found this online and it fixed it!! Amazing thanks again!!

  121. Thanx a lot for ur effort in explaining it so works perfectly..happieee that my phone works well again :):)

  122. Hi I’ve a 3gs. Cant make calls most of the time and when I do people cant hear me although I can hear them perfect. Tried ur suggestions earlier but no joy! I have updated software again no joy. I’ve an appointment with apple tonight but my phone is 15 months old therefore out’ve warrenty and I’m due an upgrade in June so really don’t want to spend money on getting this fixed! Please help!

  123. Oh btw I’ve also turned off 3g, reset network settings, and when I put my simcard into another phone it works perfectly!

  124. I have the same call/sms send/receive problem with my 3gs. Software guy says its a hardware issue after doing flash reset, with no success. Hardware guy says its a software issue due to full signals, shown by iPhone. I’m confused what to do 🙁

  125. Dear Alvin I purchased a iPhone 4 from London
    Fully unlocked n now I hve tried your method of
    Closing the date n time from automatic to manual
    N also I switched it off from call waiting but to no avail 🙁
    I’m in India before it was working well today only this happened
    Please help

  126. I bugged out when my Iphone 4 couldnt call out. Tried all listed above and nothing worked. I have Verizon and I opted to call to get my Data Usage which force-dials out and after that I was fine!

  127. Yup !! it worked dude…
    Sometimes Settings->General–>Dual Assist(ON) also helps… 😉
    Thanks BTW !! Keep it up

  128. Tried everything Alvin please help recently got engaged n I’m nt able to make calls from my IPhone 4 please help..thanks

  129. thank u very much it worked on my i phone 5
    thank you changing date didnot help but off call waiting and forwarding worked.

  130. It worked for two days and again it is back is there anything else tat I can do?
    I’m using an iPhone 4.

  131. Hi thanks for your post, I had the same problem earlier in the day, and by following your instruction my phone started working again

  132. Thanks Alvin. Changing date did not work but cancelling call waiting and forwarding worked. Thanks Man. Had no idea that so many users had a similar problem.

  133. it is really awesome…

    it worked, i was worried about this and decided to go iphone care center……..this tips really worked for me.

    Thanks dear for your wonderful support.


  134. thank you very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much it worked for me and for all
    wish you good luck and happy times

  135. It’s 2015 and your advice since 2008 still works. You’ve been more help than Apple. You should start your own company, if you haven’t already.

    • Hi Alvin,
      You are life saver! One whole day work, I reset my hp, brought to service provider to change SIM, go nubox check the settings , nothing works! Final solution is to restore !

      I found your site, in 2 minutes, my hp finally can make phone.

      Thanks a million!!

      • Hi Alvin,

        An hour ago, I could make outgoing call but still can’t receive incoming call.
        I tried again your method , just in case I miss read the instruction .
        Oops! Now not only I didn’t manage to fix the incoming call, the outgoing call failed again . Please help.. Mine, is iPhone 5.
        Thanks .

  136. It’s 2017 and I just experienced this issue. I switched to iphone in hopes of escaping these kind of BS glitches on Android phones I experience in past. But well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Iphones are no better than android phones

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