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Stewart/Stand Brown Leather & Stainless Steel Bi-fold Wallet

Brown Leather & Stainless Steel Bi-fold Wallet

I just came across the very interesting Stainless Steel Bi-fold Wallet by Stewart/Stand. In case you didn’t get that, it’s stainless steel, not just your normal wallet made of leather.

This Stewart/Stand stainless steel wallet claims to be durable and resistant to corrosive materials such as salts, acids and even seawater. I’m not sure about that — but I know that I love the way this wallet looks, because it’s unique and very different from your usual men’s leather wallet.

The difference in these Stewart/Stand wallets, and why they look absolutely gorgeous, is the woven stainless steel texture. The inner pockets are made from this material, so the interior feels silky and looks unlike any other wallet. If you’re a geek or just love cool stuff, then this wallet is a must-buy.

It’s currently sold on Amazon: Brown Leather & Stainless Steel Bi-fold Wallet

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