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Book Summaries

Learn The Key Points Of Business Books Within 5 Minutes

There is a huge trove of knowledge and wisdom that’s around. Most of it is found in books, and the main issue is not just coming across them, but also remembering them.

My problem used to be reading books. I never read enough, but then I discovered audio books from Audible, and I started being able to finish books at a consistent pace.

I had a new problem. I had all these books that I read and got value from, but I realised I was forgetting the lessons that I had learnt.

This led me to create my book summaries. I need to concisely pin-point the exact lessons that I learnt.

I’m publishing all these book summaries for free.

Multiplier Book Summary

Multipliers are genius makers. Multipliers invoke each person’s unique intelligence and create an atmosphere of genius—innovation, productive effort, and collective intelligence. Multipliers expect great things

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