Book Safe to Keep and Hide Valuables (Cash, Jewelry, etc)

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I remember when I was much younger, and I happened to watch this movie where one of the characters stowed some secret item in a book safe. The much-younger-me was very much the impressionable and easily astonished kid, and if I don’t recall wrongly, I was extremely surprised when I first discovered the book safe.

I thought it was an absolutely ingenious idea.

Books were meant for reading and I never did explore the possibilities of actually having a fake book to store valuables in. The premise was simple — have a fake book, or a real book with a hole cut into it — and then storing your cash and valuables inside that book safe.

Book Safe to Keep and Hide Valuables (Cash, Jewelry, etc)

For book safes like that, a lock or combination wouldn’t even be possible. These book safes depend on security by obfuscation, which, is entirely inadequate. The complete system is based on the assumption that another person will not chance upon your book safe by accident.

That said, I know it sure as heck is a great conversational piece. And it’s cool.

Interested? Amazon has it, so you can get your very own book safe.

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