Best Wireless Mouse: The Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse Review

The Logitech Anywhere MX is a handsome, reliable, functional wireless mouse. I was previously using the Razer Orochi, and the Logitech Anywhere MX, while not Bluetooth, reminds me a lot of the Orochi.

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I opted for the plain packaging, which puts the mouse in a plain cardboard box. No hard-to-open, fancy plastic wrapping and extra packaging – just the bare essentials, the way I liked it. Inside the box were the prerequisite manuals, the mouse itself, a protective pouch, 2 AA batteries, and a unifying wireless receiver. Because I also had a Logitech K340 keyboard, which also uses the unifying receiver, I could keep one of the receivers as a spare.

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The Anywhere MX mouse is a very handsome mouse, with rubberised grips on the side and very tactile buttons. The mouse also had forward/back buttons on the left, which are absolutely essential for me. I use these buttons whenever I’m browsing websites or folders on my computer, and it’s handy because it saves me from having to halt my browsing, go up to the corner, hit the back/forward button, and go back to whatever I was doing. These buttons are very easy to access, and your thumb barely has to move. Although they’re close together, they’re separated by a small gap, which allows you to feel which button (forwards or backwards) that you’re pressing.

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Besides that, I also like the “free-wheeling” mode, or what Logitech refers to as “Hyper-fast scrolling”. Essentially, the Anywhere MX has a typical-looking scroll wheel, but if you depress it, it sort of “un-hinges”, and instead of the notch-by-notch feeling that you get with the default scroll wheel behaviour, you can spin the scroll wheel freely. Love it. It makes scrolling through long documents painless. The scroll wheel on this mouse also allows you to scroll horizontally (left/right) so it’s a VERY versatile and functional scroll wheel.

logitech anywhere mx wireless mouse 4

And if you travel around and want to bring your mouse with you, the Anywhere MX is great for that. It’s a fantastic size, not huge and not small, and comes with a protective pouch. The pouch doesn’t come with foam or anything that protects against bumps and falls, but it’s a perfect fit with a sleek outer shell that will definitely protect against scratches.

The battery life is amazing as well, and has an indicator that tells you when it’s running low on juice – perfect for me, because that tells me when I should start charging the next pair of batteries. One unique feature of the mouse is that while it runs on 2 AA batteries, you can actually still operate it with only 1 battery! It’s not a ground-breaking feature, but with my previous wireless mice, I would sometimes run out of batteries, and only have 1 fully-charged battery available. Charging a pair will take hours, so having the ability to work with just 1 battery is great.

If you’re looking for the best wireless mouse that’s reliable and functional, which also looks good and feels good, then the Logitech Anywhere MX is a great mouse for you. It’s at a very affordable price point, and you can get the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX from Amazon at the lowest price, and they’ll even throw in free shipping!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I bought this mouse & couldn’t figure out why it had stopped free-wheeling. Your review helped me figure out the problem.

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