Best Macbook Sleeve Review – What’s The Top Sleeve for Macbooks?

Here was the situation: I had a new 13″ MacBook Pro (the unibody ones) and no case to carry it around with because the MacBook sleeve that I ordered hadn’t arrived yet. I did not want to place it in my bag naked, because there were keys, pens and who knows what else that would scratch it. I also didn’t want to buy a MacBook case from the Apple store because I knew I could get a better variety and price if I got it online.

So I had no case for my MacBook Pro. And I had to carry my MacBook Pro around. That’s when I started thinking, and came out with the bright idea to make use of the leftover packaging around in my house to create my very own DIY MacBook Pro case.

It’s nothing like the ones that people painstakingly sew together and create from 5 days of hard work. In fact, I spent a glorious 30 seconds. Ready for it?


best 13 MacBook pro sleeve bubble wrap 1

It’s so ghetto but I’m so proud of myself. I call it the Bubblewrapper. Made of 100% bubble-wrap and the highest quality tape imported from the Swiss Alps. Basically I took a piece of bubble-wrap, cut it to the size of my Macbook Pro, and taped the sides and bottom – instant Macbook case.

best 13 macbook pro sleeve bubble wrap 2

Seriously, that was actually my Macbook case for a good 6 days before my actual Macbook sleeve came, and boy, was I glad when it finally came. I got myself a Booq Vyper XS2, and here it is:

best 13 macbook pro sleeve booq vyper xs2 1

best 13 macbook pro sleeve booq vyper xs2 2

Pretty sweet 😀 I bought it from, and you check it out here: Booq Vyper XS2

Why did I get the Booq Vyper XS2? Because it had a semi-hard shell, and a full zipper. Other cases were neoprene or other soft material, which I felt was too soft for my liking. The cheaper cases could also get that scratchy surface as other objects scratch it, and it’ll become ugly over time. Also, the cross-woven ballistic nylon surface looks really, really good (and feels good too!).

What is ballistic nylon you say? Well, Ballistic nylon is a thick, tough, synthetic nylon fabric used for a variety of applications. Ballistic nylon was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic nylon takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts. As it resists abrasion and tearing, ballistic nylon is typically used for luggage and in the bottom of bags made of a lighter nylon or other fabric.

I also wanted something that had a hard shell with padding, or dense padding. I didn’t want those with just neoprene, because it just offered minimal shock protection. Neoprene’s best use is for scratch protection, which wasn’t adequate for me, especially since I sometimes carry my MacBook around when I bike. I did quite a bit of research before buying my MacBook case, and here are the other cases that I had came across, researched, and considered:

1. Booq Vyper XS2 MacBook Sleeve Review

Booq Vyper Macbook Laptop Case

The Booq Vyper case just looks good, and offers good protection in the form of a hardshell case for my MacBook. It is also zippered, which makes it convenient for you to take out and keep your MacBook.

Pros: Nice looking, good fit, zippered, hard shell, Some protection against drops.
Cons: No external pockets, heavier than neoprene.
Website: Booq Vyper XS2 MacBook Sleeve

2. Incase Neoprene Macbook Sleeve Review

Incase Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook

As with all neoprene sleeves, the Incase MacBook sleeve couldn’t prevent my MacBook from denting if something hard were to smack right into it. ‘Nuff said.

Pros: Looks good, lightweight, good fit.
Cons: Only scratch protection offered.
Website: Incase Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook

3. Be.ez LArobe Macbook Sleeve Review

Be.ez Sleeve for MacBook

Be.ez (be easy) is a French brand, and makes a pretty attractive MacBook case. I like the colour, and I like that it’s made of memory foam, which is denser than neoprene. However, this case is known to have a poor fit (1 inch of space between your MacBook and the actual edge of the case), which made me steer away from it.

Pros: Looks good, lightweight.
Cons: Poor fit.
Website: Be.ez LArobe Sleeve for Macbooks

3. Isis Dei Macbook Sleeve Review

Isis Dei Macbook Sleeve fancy memory foam

Isis Dei actually makes good fitting, and affordable memory foam MacBook cases, and I was pretty interested in their cases, but couldn’t find one that had a design that I really like.

Pros: Affordable, fancier designs.
Cons: Good fit, memory foam offers better protection than neoprene.
Website: Isis Dei Nouveau MacBook Sleeve

4. REVERS Macbook Sleeve Review

REVERS Macbook Sleeve memory foam

This is a pretty snug fitting case by REVERS, with a fancy design. The things I didn’t like about this case though, were that it’s made of neoprene, and that it doesn’t come with a zipper. You have to kind of fold out the opening, and the opening part’s sewn somewhere in the middle of the case. Other than that, the only other cool thing about this case is that it’s reversible.

Pros: Affordable, fancier designs, reversible.
Cons: No zipper, and made of neoprene. Bleh.
Website: REVERS Macbook Sleeve Red

4. Case Logic Macbook Sleeve Review

Case Logic Macbook Sleeve memory foam

This is a good fitting case, with the added benefit of outer pockets for your MacBook accessories and power charger/adapter. It’s also zippered, which makes things a lot more convenient.

Pros: Zippered, outer pockets.
Cons: Neoprene.
Website: Case Logic MacBook Sleeve

5. Fabrix MacBook Sleeve Review

Fabrix macbook sleeve case

I’d say that these cases offer minimal protection to your MacBook, but they sure look good. With designs such as plaid and poker dots, you’ll definitely find something that you like in their extensive range of MacBook case designs.

Pros: Lightweight, many different and nice designs
Cons: No protection against drops.
Website: Fabrix Apple MacBook sleeve

6. WaterField MacBook Sleevecases Review

WaterField macbook sleeve case

The materials and workmanship for these WaterField MacBook cases were almost perfect. Did I also mention that you can customise your MacBook sleeve here? You can add a flap, change the orientation – anything! Plus the material is an neoprene inner, and ballistic nylon outer! The only reason why I chose the Booq Vyper over this was because I like the look of the Booq Vyper better, otherwise this would definitely be my MacBook sleeve of choice.

Pros: Customizable, lightweight, good protection
Cons: No zipper
Website: WaterField MacBook sleevecases

7. Foof MacBook Sleeve Review

Foof macbook sleeve case

Based in Australia, Foof makes uniquely designed bags for your MacBooks called foofbags. The picture here is just one of the many designs that they have. Foofbags are made of fabric material, so think AppleSac. Drop protection isn’t there with a foofbag, but it sure looks unique.

Pros: Soft, unique designs, lightweight.
Cons: No drop protection, no zipper.
Website: Foof MacBook sleeves

8. Wooden MacBook Case Review

Wooden macbook sleeve case rainer spehl

Ever wanted a wooden MacBook case? Well Rainer Spehl did it. With a wooden exterior and leather-lined interior, these offer solid protection for your MacBook. Only problem is they aren’t mass-produced, so you have to contact the artist directly for purchases.

Pros: Strong. I mean, it’s made of wood.
Cons: Can’t be bought from a store (which may be a good thing)
Website: Wooden MacBook case

9. Incipio MacBook Sleeve Review

Incipio macbook sleeve case

The Incipio MacBook case is a good looking case, with an adjustable/removable shoulder strap with support pad that allows you to carry it over your should on its own. It also comes with 2 front storage pouches. The exterior is nylon, so it’s durable, and comes with inner padding. Overall a good, solid case.

Pros: Durable nylon exterior, front pouches, removable shoulder strap.
Cons: No zippers, not a hard shell.
Website: Incipio MacBook sleeve

10. Basic MacBook Sleeve Review

Basic macbook sleeve case

The basic MacBook case is a very basic MacBook sleeve that covers your MacBook and has a velcro cover. It’s made of thin neoprene and offers very minimal protection, but good enough if you just want something to protect your MacBook against scratches.

Pros: Very affordable.
Cons: No zippers, minimal protection.
Website: Basic MacBook sleeve

11. Trexta Kechi Leather MacBook Sleeve Review

Trexta Kechi macbook sleeve case

Protection isn’t the top priority for this classy cowhide leather MacBook case. Instead it’s a fashion statement. Get it if you have the moolah.

Pros: Classy, unique.
Cons: Very expensive.
Website: Trexta Kechi Leather MacBook Sleeve

11 responses to “Best Macbook Sleeve Review – What’s The Top Sleeve for Macbooks?”

  1. I must disagree with your comment on the incase macbook sleeve. On one occasion I put my macbook on top of my car. In my infinite wisdom I somehow forgot to take it down. After taking a turn in that same subdivision I became violently aware of my mistake. However, there was NO damage to my macbook, only to the incase sleeve.

  2. The bubble wrap sleeve definitely appeals to me, from a recycling, cost and practicality perspective. Nothing is worse than scratches on a brand new piece of equipment, whether it be a motor car (imagine bubble wrapping that…hahahah) or a new tech toy. Good for you on taking good care of your stuff, and may you enjoy many hours of hassle-free computing from your new MacBook!

  3. Why no mention of the big boys of the Shinza Zeroshock case and the Wardmaster case? use to have a video of there cases almost similar to the wardmaster video shown below, but their website has been revamped since.

    Since I don’t currently own a Booq Vyper, I would like to see you demonstrate some of the tests shown in the video with your top case.

    • My previous case for my Thinkpad was a Shinza Zeroshock 13″! I loved that case…sturdy n reliable.

      The Booq Vyper honestly doesn’t feel that protective, but it at least looks pretty good 🙂

  4. the trexta cases in stock were designed for the white macbook. I’m using it with the unibody macbook and the excess space gets quite irritating.

  5. Nice sleeve to go with an awesome notebook. I am a die-hard windows user, but when my xp machines finally expire I am looking at going for a Mac. My gaming days are something of the past, and I am not interested in running Windows 7, so the options I have are to run Linux instead of a Windows operating system if I want to do things on the cheap (and nasty, who has time to tinker with operating systems that are constantly being developed?) or to go for a Mac. Time to work hard and start saving so I can get that Mac when upgrade time comes around!

  6. The case is protective for outter case and while traveling only. You gotta have better protection on inner especially the wrist rest. Personally, I got the case for outter protection, wrist guard( for wrist area and trackpad, iskin for keyboard (

    My previous is fully protected!

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