I think the iPhone is just beautiful, with it’s fancy graphic, large screen and solid body. But I have a fear of scratching or denting it, which is why I think an iPhone case is essential. That said, I hate those normal cases that add so much bulk and weight to my phone, so I always opt for something lighter and slimmer. I looked around alot before I came across the elago iPhone 3G Slim Fit Case (Made in Korea). As you can see from the pictures, it’s gorgeous, and slim!

I have bought about 3 other cases but they have been either bulky or covers up too much of the iPhone, and none compare to the beauty and elegance of this case. This case keeps my phone looking original and protected at the same time, and it comes with a “rubberised” texture that helps prevent your iPhone from slipping out of your hand. If you have an iPhone and you’re looking for the best iPhone cover, then I highly recommend the elago iPhone 3G Slim Fit Case!

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