I had a cloth SteelSeries mouse pad, and it was the cheapest gaming mouse pad around, but then it started feeling very rough and I decided that it was time for me to search for a new one. After looking around, it was clear that the best gaming mouse pad seemed to be the SteelSeries SX, and so I decided to get one for myself to evaluate if this was really true.

SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad First Thoughts

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When the SteelSeries SX mouse pad arrived, I found it to be encased by a clear plastic clamshell within a cardboard sleeve that exposes just a bit of the mouse pad. When I opened the clamshell, I found the mouse pad to be a bit greasy – there was even some grease on the inside of the clamshell. I don’t know if this was normal, but it was noticeable to me because I hadn’t had anything other than a cloth mouse pad before (which definitely didn’t have grease on it). This wasn’t a problem though, as the grease on the mouse pad wasn’t much and added to the smoothness of the mouse pad. After using the mouse pad for several hours, the grease was gone.

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Also included in the package is a set of Glide mouse feet (they provide 4 feet), a SteelSeries catalogue, and a cloth that you can use to help keep your SteelSeries SX mouse pad clean and smooth. The mouse feet really help to reduce friction and helps you get the maximum glide together with the mouse pad.

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On the mouse pad itself is a nice SteelSeries badge. Personally, I find this to be much classier than the large SteelSeries logos that are present on some of their other products.

Size of the SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad

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While there are giant mouse pads that take up your entire desk, the SteelSeries SX is not like that. It’s not a very large mouse pad, but it is bigger than any of the freebies you get from trade shows, and is a very decent size. I found that it sits on my table very well. It does not get into my way, but also provides me with enough mousing area.

Surface of the SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad

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At first glance, the SteelSeries SX mouse pad looks rather like a plastic mouse pad – however, when you touch it, you’ll definitely know that it’s made from metal. In fact, if you’re in a cool area, you’ll find that the mouse pad will be very cold to the touch. The anodized oxide gives the surface a very smooth finish, but the drawback is that the finish will easily accumulate any dirt or dust. Smudges from fingerprints and perspiration show up especially well, but can be cleaned off easily with the supplied cloth or some water.

In terms of performance, this mouse pad is really as SteelSeries claims, and is really smooth. If you do a lot of detailed work and appreciate precision when you use your mouse, then this will be the best mouse pad you will have the pleasure of using.

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I’ve compared the SteelSeries SX (aluminum mouse pad) to a SteelSeries QcK (cloth mouse pad), and the difference is staggering, as you can tell from the texture that these photographs reveal. The shinier photograph is of the SteelSeries SX, and the duller/scratchier-looking one is the SteelSeries QcK.

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The things that I noticed about this mouse pad is that using it becomes slightly noisier than plastic or cloth surfaces, and this is understandable, due to the harder aluminum surface that the SteelSeries SX mouse pad uses. That’s not a bad thing though, because I like the sturdy feeling that the aluminum gives, and you can actually feel the quality of the material. In fact, you’ll instantly know whenever there’s a little grain of of dust or dirt on the mouse pad because it’s so smooth that anything on it is instantly noticeable to when you use your mouse on it.

Portability of the SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad

Unlike my previous cloth mouse pad, the SteelSeries SX seems quite vulnerable to scratches, and absolutely is not suited for carrying around. In the past, I regularly roll up my cloth mouse pad and throw it in my bag whenever I need to move around, but I do not recommend that for the SteelSeries SX mouse pad. As such, one thing that I wish SteelSeries would have provided is a carrying case for this mouse pad (especially given its price-point).

Grip of the SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad

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The problem I have with some mouse pads is that they slip and move around. The SteelSeries SX mouse pad has no such problem, primarily because its entire underside is a sheet of rubber. As such, the grip of the SteelSeries SX is nothing short of amazing, and the pad never moves around your desk, at all.

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In fact, the rubber base worked so well that I was afraid that it would be too thick and would hinder the use of my mouse. However, that’s not the case at all, as the rubber base adds very little to the overall height of the mouse pad as shown in the photograph.

Durability of the SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad

I have used both cloth mouse pads and plastic mouse pads before, and one problem that they face is a deterioration of the surface over time. This is not a problem with the SteelSeries SX because of the quality and the material of the surface. The aluminum used in the SteelSeries SX mouse pad is stronger and more resistant to wear and tear, flaws, and deformities.


If you’re in the market for a good gaming mouse pad, then the SteelSeries SX is the best gaming mouse pad around. It’s a cool-looking mouse pad that scores highly on performance and durability, and justifies its cost with the quality of materials, life of the mouse pad, and workmanship in creating the mouse pad. Buy the SteelSeries SX mouse pad from Amazon today, and enjoy free shipping!

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