Best Air Miles Credit Card For Frequent Fliers in Singapore

I’ve been looking around at air miles credit card in Singapore, and I’ve finally found what I think is the best air miles credit card in Singapore. If you’re a frequent flier, or hope to be one, then this is probably the best for you. The following table (scroll left/right) details the top three mile cards that I’ve found.

The best is ANZ Travel Visa Signature, but only if your monthly spend is below S$4000. Above that, you should go for the DBS Altitude Visa Signature. I’ve also skipped over the American Express (AMEX) cards…….because what’s the point of a great-earning AMEX air miles card if you can’t use it at 99% of the places that you go to.

Comparison of Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore

Rank Air Miles Credit Card Air Miles Earning Rate (Local) Air Miles Earning Rate (Overseas) Miles upon Card Renewal Principal/Supplementary Card Fee Perks Conversion Fee Air Miles Validity
1 ANZ Travel Visa Signature 1.4/S$1 2.8/$1 (Promo rate) 12000 (S$0.017 for 1 mile) S$200/S$100
  1. Free airport lounge access (SATS Premier Club, SATS Rainforest Lounge)
  2. Free travel insurance (max S$1m)
  3. Free priority pass
S$25 (min 28000 miles) 5 years
2 DBS Altitude Visa Signature 1.2/S$1 (First S$2000 spend)
1.6/$1 (S$2001 onwards)
2.4/$1 (Promo rate. Min S$3000 overseas spend. Max S$8000) 10000 (S$0.019 for 1 mile) S$192.60/S$93.60
  1. Feed at Raffles (FAR) card (Cost: $192.60/year)
  2. Free travel insurance (max S$1m)
  3. Free priority pass
S$42.80/yr whenever you want to convert (can be cancelled thereafter) No expiry
3 Citibank Premiermiles Visa Signature 1.2/S$1 2/S$1 10000 (S$0.019 for 1 mile) S$192.60/Free
  1. Free travel insurance (max S$1m)
  2. Free priority pass
S$25 No expiry

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