Automate Tasks in Windows With UBot Studio – Review

If your time is constantly eaten up by mechanical, repetitive tasks online, then you’d find Ubot Studio very helpful. Ubot Studio is a nifty, user-friendly automation software that enables users to put a lot of tasks on autopilot, from filling out online forms to sending emails. It’s an essential tool for Internet marketers, social media managers, online business owners and people who do a lot of tedious online tasks.

Watch How You Can Automate Tasks with UBot Studio

Automate Tasks Without Any Programming Knowledge

ubot studio user friendly programming not needed With Ubot Studio, users can create their own applications and bots for simple tasks they want to automate. Using it doesn’t require you to have advanced knowledge in programming. Creating bots can be done using a drag-and-drop system that even people with no extensive experience in programming or code can easily manipulate. Applications can be built in less than an hour, even in as little as 10-20 minutes.

Automated Account Creation

One time-consuming task that Ubot Studio can easily deal with is account creation. With the software, you can automate the completion of online forms and integrate email accounts for clicking the email confirmation links. You can also create a captcha-solving function with the bot for account creation, allowing you to automatically make accounts on any website you choose.

Automated Social Media Commenting and Posting

Ubot Studio also makes social media campaigns more efficient with tools that let you automate such tasks as Twitter posting, commenting on blogs and forums, and social bookmarking. You can schedule Twitter posts so that you’re still active on social media even when you’re offline or doing other tasks. A consistent presence on social media is important for building a brand and Ubot Studio can help you achieve this.

Automated Email Verification, Email Sending, and Email Deletion

If managing emails is taking a lot of your time, you can have a bot organize your inbox for you. Most email accounts have filters and archiving systems that enable you to categorize incoming mail but Ubot Studio enables you do to more. The software lets you make bots that send, verify and delete emails. That’s a lot of mundane tasks that you can do away with.

Automated Web Scraping and Data Mining

ubot studio review web scraping

Web scraping and data mining is also made easier with Ubot Studio. You can extract and download content from websites and save them into a text file or .csv file. The software can save these files on separate folders based on the keywords you use. You can also download images and save them on another folder. Apart from scraping content, Ubot Studio can also perform complex calculations and data manipulations.

Library of UBot Examples and Tutorials

If you’re still testing the waters, you can make use of the “Bot Bank,” a library of ready-made bots which can perform functions such as logging on to email accounts, sending out emails and posting tweets. You can add specifications to these templates to make them fully functional. Once you get the hang of it, you can then start creating your own bots from scratch. The software also has a debugger which enables you to test if your bot works or if you hit a snag somewhere.

Version of UBot

Ubot Studio has three versions. The Standard Edition has the basic features which help you accomplish most day-to-day tasks. The Professional Edition includes all features of the standard version plus advanced image recognition, performance enhancers, and a code view feature. With the professional version, you can automate pages with Flash, Java and Movie Player applets. The Developer Edition has all the features of the professional version and you can customize your bots using CSS, HTML and Javascript. You can also remove the Ubot Studio branding from the bots you create.

What Do I Think of UBot?

ubot-studio logo With the technology to create as many bots as you can in any way you want them, you have the freedom to design and make use of the software according to your needs and task requirements. You can even make money in selling bots that you think other users can also find helpful.

Although Ubot Studio is a fairly manageable tool, you will still have to take some time to learn the ropes so that you can maximize what it has to offer. Fortunately, there is adequate support available that can help you out. There are online tutorials, video training, answers to frequently asked questions, and a blog. There is also an active forum with more than 4,000 members as well as support personnel.

In using Ubot Studio, you can maximize your time online and focus on more creative and important pursuits instead of being stuck doing mundane tasks all day. I highly recommend getting Ubot Studio.

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