Yay! My new wallet from The Big Skinny came in the mail today. I’ve been on the search for a new wallet to replace my old one for a long time because I felt that it was just too thick.

big skinny review - slim wallet

The search was made more difficult because I had a certain set of criteria that I was looking out for. Namely, the new wallet must be:

  • Super thin / slim
  • Look good and presentable with any kind of attire
  • Preferably compartmentalised
  • Have a convenient compartment for cash notes

For that reason, I decided that I had to get a leather wallet, and the wallet should have a full-sized compartment for holding cash. None of those money clips because I think a little privacy is good, and none of those half-sized pockets that require you to fold your cash, because I don’t like fumbling with cash while I’m trying to make payment or collect change.

Well, so I shortlisted my choices to finally between either the All-Ett (Check out the choices available here ), or the Big Skinny (See the Big Skinny). I made my ultimate decision the Big Skinny because it released a leather version just as I was about to buy.

big skinny leather wallet review - front pocket wallet

This choice of leather turned out to be a bad idea because leather is inherent thicker, which actually goes against my first criteria (that the wallet must be super thin / slim). So the Big Skinny turned out to be just marginally slimmer than my original leather wallet.

big skinny wallet - thinnest wallet

What I found about the Big Skinny was that the card slot that it provided (left side of the wallet in the picture below) is too loose if you just put one card in it. You have to put at least 2 cards if you want a snug fit. I put one card in that slot because I thought it looked neater, but then it slipped right out when I took out my wallet one day.

The clear card slot is useful too, because I have to flash my student ID a lot, and I hate wearing lanyards or card holders around my neck. It does provide a cut-out for your thumb that’s supposedly allows you to easily slide out your card, but that sounds good only in theory. In reality, my card stuck to the insides of the slot, so I typically have to peel my card off. It’s not the least bit difficult, but it does completely negate the point of the little cut-out.

big skinny review pictures - slim men's leather wallet

After more than 24 months of usage, the wallet’s still in great shape and while there are signs of wear, there aren’t any loose threads or tears. In my own personal opinion, the Big Skinny is a handy, durable wallet. You might also consider the All-Ett (Check out the choices available here ) or the original version of the Big Skinny wallet (See the Big Skinny) instead, if you want something even slimmer than the leather Big Skinny.

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