CEO Tasks To Scale A Business

10 Uncomfortable CEO Tasks To Scale A Business Powerfully

The top CEO tasks to scale a business: These are absolutely crucial. You must realise that the CEO is likely the highest paid employee, and as such, his time must not be deployed on low-impact tasks.

CEO Tasks To Scale A Business

The CEO of a business is the most important figure not because of the difference of hours worked as compared to the rest of the team, but the difference of the results that the CEO brings.

This point is tremendously important. It means that if you, as the CEO, are spending your time on tasks that anyone else can do, then you are wasting your time as the CEO and don’t deserve the role.

That’s why a CEO must be crystal-clear on what he needs to work on, especially when trying to scale up the company.

Owning the vision is the key fundamental pillar, which is an essential part of the 5E Scale Engine that I teach to scale up a company. Owning the vision also means the creation, iteration, and evolution of the vision over time – but more than that are some very critical tasks that the CEO will need to handle.

You might notice that these tasks are very different if you are a 6-figure CEO as compared to a 7/8-figure CEO in Super Scaling mode.

10 Uncomfortable CEO Tasks To Scale A Business

  1. Communicating the vision: This isn’t a small task. You need to tell everyone about the vision, because people are not mind-readers. And it’s not just repeating words off a page – you need to communicate the passion behind the vision, and the exciting future that it entails. Do this for everybody, but primarily for both your team and your customers.
  2. Owning the business strategy: Businesses are huge, complex beasts. It doesn’t help that they exist within an even more complex ecosystem. Your business needs a strategy, and this must be driven by the CEO. You should have the 3 pillars of a sound business strategy: Near-term, Mid-term, and Long-term.
  3. Be the public face of the company: this means taking on all marketing, public relations, and communications. You’ll need to be present on all kinds of media that are relevant to your target audience: traditional media and social media.
  4. Develop strategic partnerships: This is something that the CEO is best-suited for. You can engage with CEOs and top management of other companies so that you can form partnerships.
  5. Mergers and acquisitions: Organic growth is good, but don’t forget about inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions. This can be for expanding revenue, acquiring market share, technology, intellectual property, or talent. As the CEO, you should be thinking, considering, and hunting for these deals.
  6. Build systems: You are the only one in the business who has a clear oversight of all departments and functions. Only you can spearhead initiatives and systems and drive the implementation.
  7. Recruit and grow an A-star team: One of your main roles is to build up a team. This means recruiting, onboarding, training, and progressing your employees. If systems are not in place yet, then you have to take care of this yourself personally.
  8. Resolving bottlenecks within the company: bottlenecks will form within the business, and department heads can’t solve them, especially if it spans across multiple departments. As CEO, you need to be the one actively putting resources to resolve these bottlenecks.
  9. Managing and raising capital: You should have a finance team, but the ultimate oversight of your business’s finances should lie with you. That means management of cash-flow and large expenses. In addition, if the business requires capital, you will need to be the person raising it.
  10. Developing products: You founded the business to solve a market gap. That market gap will change, so don’t neglect this. Your product and service must evolve with the times and changing customer needs. You might find that you have to create better pricing, better features, or even completely new products or product extensions.

These are just some important responsibilities that a CEO must bear. There are other CEO tasks to scale a business, but it depends on your business.

You and your business might have different demands, but the fundamental rule applies – use the ARSAD funnel to ruthlessly increase business efficiency, and focus on the tasks that truly bring your business forward.

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