How To Create a DIY Moleskine Pen Holder

It’s rare because I’m usually dull as dishwater, but I surprise myself with feats of sudden creativity that stem from necessity. Case in point: my Moleskine pen holder. I got a Moleskine notebook from Discovery recently, and one of the things that you notice when you bring it about for meetings is: How on earth do you keep a pen with it? And as a sidenote: did you know that Moleskine is pronounced “mole-uh-skeen-ah”, because it’s actually Italian? I’ve been

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How To Use Home and End Keys in Gmail in Firefox on the Mac OS

While I love my MacBook Pro, I have issues with certain things in the usability department. For instance, after all that talk about a controlled User Interface and cross-application consistency, we still get hit with some pretty annoying bugs. Just like trying to use the Home and End keys in Gmail in Firefox – the default method (where you hit Cmd+left for home, or Cmd+right for end) just doesn’t work. Solution? You have three actually, as below: If you need

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Download Free Color Scheme or Themes For TextWrangler and BBEdit

I’ve switched to TextWrangler as my text editor of choice on the Mac, and I’m loving it. It’s fast, powerful, and very easy to use. One pet peeve though, is that the default color scheme is a boring black-on-white, and so off I went around to look for others. It didn’t take too long before I found what I was looking for that Andrew Hazelden created and offered up for download. It’s called the “Midnight Blue” color scheme for TextWrangler

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