Understanding Tyre Safety

Tyres (or tires, depending on where you’re from) are a vital part of the car, and are especially so since they are the only form of contact that your car has with the road. Regular checks on your tyres and performing regular maintenance should be the norm, but first you need to know that there are seveeral areas that you need to understand about your tyres. Tyre Manufacture Date Tyres have a 4-year lifespan and the manufacture date of the

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How To Search For ID Values In A Different Worksheet With Excel VBA

This Excel VBA function allows you to take a column of values (e.g. ID numbers) in one worksheet, and use that to get corresponding values that are in a second worksheet. If you understand SQL, it’s something like: SELECT b.country FROM idtable as a, countrytable as b WHERE a.id=b.id I’ll explain the scenario further with screenshots, but basically we have one worksheet having client IDs, and another worksheet having client IDs with their corresponding countries. The first worksheet looks like

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