Flea.sg – A Showcase of Singapore Online Blog Shops

Facebook and Twitter have been growing phenomenally in the past few years, and it’s interesting to see how people are yearning to connect with each other and stay updated through these social networking means. The advent has given rise to new terminology such as micro-blogging, as introduced by Twitter. Getting everyone together is no easy task. I was pleased to see that Singapore has its own share of social networking sites as well. Flea.sg is one such social network-based website,

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How to Solve Photoshop MFC71.DLL Problem

My friend’s computer had the error message that said: “This application has failed to start because MFC71.DLL was not found.” whenever she tried to start Photoshop CS3, and this affected the way plug-ins ran (in some cases, they wouldn’t run or display at all). To solve this, just grab the MFC71.DLL at http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?mfc71 and put this DLL file into the same directory as Photoshop (you should see a whole lot of other DLLs in there). Start up Photoshop after that

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What Does “USPS Arrival At Unit” Mean?

So I’ve been looking at the USPS tracking page for a parcel that’s supposed to arrive, and today I found that it said “Arrival at Unit”. Joy, I thought, because it had finally arrived! I went outside only to find…nothing. Shock and horror followed, as I immediately had imaginations of my parcel being stolen or lost. Then it occurred to me that maybe “Unit” wasn’t *my* unit. Well, yeah. So it turns out that “Unit” in this case actually means

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