Keyboard Shortcut to Lock Cells in Excel (Mac Office)

While using a Macbook for a period of time in 2013, I realised that there are some differences when using Mac Office and Windows Office. One example is if I wanted to lock a cell, say for example A1. I would put the dollar sign ($) in from of both the column and row number as follows: $A$1. This still works in the Mac world if I enter it manually, but in the Windows version of Excel, there was a

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Learning the German Language with Rosetta Stone Review

I went to New York City for a holiday, and it was an amazing city full of life and things to do and see. I stayed at a hostel for the duration of my stay, and met some incredible people there – strangely, so many of them were Germans. It kinda re-sparked an interest in the German language that I originally had tried learning nearly a decade ago, but didn’t master. So I decided to pick up German again, but

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