Changing Case Button in Word 2007

After much fiddling around, I finally discovered where the case-changing option in Word 2007 is. It’s actually in the Home tab, and I was searching all over for it. You’ll find it in the Font group, near the bunch of buttons that starts with Bold and Italic – it’s the button that shows “Aa”. And if you’re interested, the keyboard shortcut Shift+F3 still works in Word 2007 as in previous versions of Word. This is great when you have a

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Xbox 360 Top Holiday Games is already thinking about how to start the Holidays off right! They’ve listed the Top Holiday Video Games with release dates, check out their titles from the Xbox 360! These games are just the tip of the “Holiday” ice berg! Check out the video games category for even more titles for each gaming system! Call of Duty: World At War Xbox 360 Price: $58.99 Release Date: 11/12/2008 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Xbox 360 Price: $58.99

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