Popularity Contest Plugin From Alex King Triggers Fatal Error

My blog uses a couple of plug-ins and one of them is Popularity Contest by Alex King. This allows me to display which are my more popular posts (it’s in the sidebar to the right). However, I recently upgraded my WordPress installation, and when I tried to re-activate the Popularity Contest plugin, I was faced with an error message that shows: “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Turns out that there’s a problem (even with

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How To Insert a Tick in Excel, Word, Etc

Sometimes in programs like Excel when you can’t find a shape that you want, a possible workaround is to use a font. Webdings and Wingdings offer shape-based fonts, so you get shapes instead of the usual characters. For instance, if you want to get a tick in Excel, you can use the “a” character of the Webdings font. To do so, just select the Webdings font (as opposed to Arial or some other conventional font), and type “a” like how

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Bloated SnagIt Screencapture Utility

I hate it when I want to do something but have to wait for it. I know, I know, it just goes to show how impatient I am, but don’t we live in the age of instant gratification where everything must be done in the snap of your fingers. Screen capturing is something that I (probably) do on a daily basis, so imagine my annoyance when something like screen capturing can’t be done in a quick, painless process. My basic

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M1 3G / 3.5G Mobile Broadband Manual APN Configuration Settings

I now know the manual APN settings for M1 Singapore using the Huawei USB modem – after much pain. Great if you’re on Linux, Unix, Mac, or configuring a 3G router / access point (when the automatic installer won’t work). Here are the settings: Dial Number: *99# Username: ppp@aplus.at Password: ppp PDP Type: IP APN Name: sunsurf

The Best Free Windows Right-Click Image Resizer Application Review

I think digital cameras are great, especially since they removed film out of the equation, making photography convenient and easy. It does become too good of a good thing though, as digital photos tend to pile up rather quickly. One of the annoying things that I constantly face is the need to resize my photographs or pictures. The way I used to do it was to fire up my editor, wait for it to load, resize the photograph, then save

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