Protect Your Wireless Network with MAC Address Filtering…A Bad Idea

To secure your wireless network, you can use a variety of means, and one of which is by selecting only what MAC addresses are allowed. This is known as MAC filtering, and it can serve as a basic deterrent against most opportunistic attackers. However, just using MAC filtering alone will probably be a bad idea. It doesn’t take much determination or knowledge at all to spoof a MAC address. In fact, it’s actually quite easy to spoof a MAC address,

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Ever Wondered What “EZ” Stands For In Elevators?

While on the elevator, I noticed the floor display screen sometimes showing “EZ” instead of the floor number. That got me curious about what “EZ” meant, so I went sniffing around and discovered that “EZ” stood for “Express Zone”. Apparently, express elevators sometime move so quickly that it isn’t feasible to show the floor numbers just flashing past, so they display EZ instead. Ha. Learnt something new.

The Best, and Loudest Alarm Clock Invention – The Screaming Meanie Review

I have trouble waking up, so I need an alarm clock that’s a little more effective than your average clock. So I did some sourcing around, saw a few promising ones, but finally settled on this…. The SCREAMING MEANIE. Just the name alone will strike fear into any sane person! The Screaming Meanie has two versions, the Screaming Meanie 110 and the Screaming Meanie 220. The 110 offers just a timer function, while the 220 offers the alarm clock functionality.

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Edit .htaccess to increase PHP’s max file upload

To increase the upload file size limit on your website, you need to edit PHP’s configuration settings. Unfortunately, not everyone has their own web server, so most of the time people are constrained by the limits of shared hosting. But you can still modify your base php.ini file by creating your own php.ini with the edits that you want. Your php.ini file needs to be in every folder that’s going to be affected, or at least in the folder where

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What is the difference between Hibernate and Standby in Windows XP?

Standby and hibernate are 2 extremely useful functions that you can use because of the time it saves you from booting up your computer. Once you’re done with your work session, and need to leave your desk, simply choose standby or hibernate. These two sleep modes are fantastic for laptops as well. But what’s the difference? Hibernate saves an image of your current session with all open applications and files. Then it powers down your computer (exactly as if you

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