More Cool Inventions! Top USB gadgets and Cool USB Toys

USB has always fascinated me — it’s amazing how you can transfer both data and power through USB. And many companies have leveraged on that to create some really cool inventions! Just check these USB gadgets that I found..some of them are positively zany – like the USB Chameleon, while some can really promise serious fun, like the USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher! I think they make fantastic gifts too, because anyone can get a kick out of them. Especially

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Five tips to save time and increase productivity

I always get the feeling that there’s just not enough hours in a day, so I’m big on time management and productivity boosters. Here’re 5 tips to save time and increase your productivity. 1. Do certain things fewer times Things that can be done less or things that can be done once instead of twice are those things that will help us save a lot of time. Clean your house once every ten days instead of every 7 days –

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Try Amazon Discount Codes Instead of Amazon Discount Coupons

I’m pretty used to the idea of discount coupons, so when there’s something like a discount coded link, it takes some getting used to, but hey, it works! If you’re planning to shop, and especially so if you’re planning to shop at Amazon, you might as well save a few bucks by using these discount links. No discount coupons or promotional codes necessary! Caveat though: unlike coupons, you can’t apply these to everything, so you’re pretty much subject to the

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Why Do People Recommend Alt-Tab For Task Management?

Now this is something that I don’t get — why do people love alt-tab so much? I have tried using alt-tab, and it seems like it’s much faster to click on the open tasks on the taskbar than to cycle through the alt-tab list, looking for the program that you want. This is similar to Expose, or its Windows equivalent of TopDesk…it sure looks pretty, but it isn’t as fast as just clicking on what window you want to reopen.

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