ReCAPTCHA Stops Spam and Preserves World’s Literature

You’ve seen all the CAPTCHA images around – you know, those images that have numbers or letters in them that you have to type in correctly before you’re allowed to make a post or submit a form. Well, reCAPTCHA is a free project (reCAPTCHA website) by the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and it aims to stop spam and preserve literature at the same time. What it does is to get regular web users like

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Switching Off Appliances Still Draws Power

My previous post about power adapters got me interested in electricity and it led me to this article on how there are vampiric devices in your home, sucking energy all the time. I got pretty surprised when I read the article (Read the full article here: It turns out that all our appliances still draw electricity even though they’re turned off. I know that they require SOME electricity, especially things like DVD players which have an internal clock —

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Best International AC Pocket Socket / Plug Adapter Review

I just returned from a short trip to Taipei, and while it was really fun, it’s nice to be back home. Taipei’s (Taipei Travel Guide) surprisingly not very different from Singapore, except the mild winter’s there currently is a welcome change from Singapore’s all-year-round tropical climate (Singapore Travel Information). Another difference that got me was the power sockets — Taiwan uses a 2-pin blade socket configuration that’s different from Singapore’s 3-pin rectangular configuration. I brought a 2-pin converter, but with

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Small Plastic Travel Bottles Used For Gym, Travel, Shampoo, Etc

I’m leaving for a trip to taiwan this Monday! To Taipei in particular, and I’ll be away for 7 days 😀 I’m in the midst of packing now, and I realised how useful these bottles are. I got these plastic bottles a few weeks back, but only got to using them now. I’ve transferred my shampoo and body foam into them, and it’s really very handy because they’re so small and light. Compared to the original shampoo bottles which are

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Create Web 2.0 Graphics with Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Know the Web 2.0 look? The one with reflections, rounded corners and nice gradients? Well if you have Photoshop, you’re in luck, because this guy is giving out free layers (Just pop by his blog and download them — they’re completely free!). This will save you tonnes of time to create your Web 2.0 graphics. Done that? Now to use the layer styles, simply import them into Photoshop by using your preset manager (Edit > Preset Manager). Once that’s

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Use Javascript to Display Random Image and Link

I was editing a PHP script today when I realised that one of the files did not allow PHP code. Weird. But the annoying thing was that I NEEDED it to run PHP code — or rather, I needed it to randomly display an image with a link. So I had to find other means, which turned out to be good ol’ Javascript. The code below will allow you to use Javascript to randomly output or show an image with

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Cool Inventions / Gadgets That Make Life Easier

CUP & COOKIES Cool cup in which you can put 2-3 of your favourite cookies, so you don’t need extra plates for them. It’s made for both right-handed and left-handed people. BANANA GUARD – Protect Your Banana! Are you fed up with bringing bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Banana Guard allows you to safely transport and storage individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere. LOCK-CUP Lock Cup – Anti-Theft Coffee Cup.

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