Toastmasters Table Topic Ideas for Impromptu Speaking – Fortune Cookie

For this idea, the Tabletopics master should prepare a jar of fortune cookies. He/she can either buy ready-made fortune cookies or even bake them personally! The idea is to have each Table Topics participant pick out a fortune cookie out of the jar, and give their table topic speech on the fortune that they selected. Suggest that they can either talk about the fortune, or say how the fortune applies to them.

New Firefox 3 Beta 1 Version Released!

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is a developer preview release of Mozilla’s next generation Firefox browser and is being made available for testing purposes only.. Firefox 3 Beta 1 is based on the new Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 27 months and includes nearly 2 million lines of code changes, fixing more than 11,000 issues. Gecko 1.9 includes some major re-architecting for performance, stability, correctness, and code simplification and sustainability. Firefox 3 has

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Synchronise 2 Laptops and Desktops with Unison Free Synchronization Software

I have a laptop and a desktop, and one of the problems that I faced was to get my files synchronized. I work on my desktop while I’m at home, and on the go, I rely on my laptop. However, I need my files to be the same on both laptop and desktop. In the past I used to do a manual sync with rsync, but now I’ve just discovered Unison and it solves the pain of synchronization, because unlike

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