Why Backing Up Your Information and Data is so Important

I just talked to a friend and found out that he survived a HDD crash. Luckily he got his data back, but we should always backup, especially since information/data is so critical to us. You don’t think so? Imagine if you lost all your photographs, all your contacts, all your documents, etc — that’s how important backing up your information/data is. Here are 3 simple ways of backup, all of which can be bought from any computer store: 1. External

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Recursively Download Folders using FTP with wget in UNIX (even SSH)

Okay, so you don’t have SSH access to your server, but you do have FTP access to it, and you need *all* the files in a folder. Worse, your directory structure is many levels deep, and extremely messy. Normal FTP won’t cut it, because command-line FTP doesn’t do recursive downloading of folders. Turning off interactive mode and using mget doesn’t work too. The easiest solution? Use wget to recursively download folders using FTP. Here’s the wget command: wget -r ftp://username:password@yourftphostname.com/directory1/directory2/

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Checking your website speed

It’s interesting to know that even though the Internet is all one big connected web of sites, not everyone sees the same thing. For example, based on your location, Google directs you to a Google datacenter nearest to where you are, and the results that you get may be different from someone else living elsewhere in the world. In addition, one other factor that location has is speed. So if a website is hosted in a datacenter in Singapore and

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Windows CMD Command Prompt Windows Keep Closing (Or Doesn’t Stay Open)

I was having a hard time with command prompt windows when I created and ran my batch files – they wouldn’t stay open and kept closing before I could see its output. Then I discovered the PAUSE command – by adding this command to your batch file, you’ll pause the window for as long as you want, keeping it open so that you can read the output it generates! So if you want your command prompt DOS window to stay

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Formatting a Decimal Number to 2 Decimal Places in Java or JSP

I was looking around for the class to format a number to 2 decimal places while I was coding Java, or specifically JSP, and I found it. First, you need to import the DecimalFormat class, so have this line at the top of your Java file: import java.text.DecimalFormat; Or if you’re running JSP: And here’s the actual code that does the magic: double price = 10.59; DecimalFormat priceFormatter = new DecimalFormat("$#0.00"); return priceFormatter.format(price); That’s all there is to it! Simply

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HTML Button That’s A Link

Making your own link button with your own custom text is easy. You might want this because it looks different from a normal HTML link (you know, the blue underlined text). Here’s how the linkable HTML button looks like: Sometimes you might want a linkable HTML button because it fits into your overall design look and feel as well. So here’s the code – it requires Javascript, but it’s really simple. Just copy and paste the following line of code

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