What Does “USPS Arrival At Unit” Mean?

by Alvin Poh | Mon, Jul 6, 2009


So I’ve been looking at the USPS tracking page for a parcel that’s supposed to arrive, and today I found that it said “Arrival at Unit”. Joy, I thought, because it had finally arrived! I went outside only to find…nothing. Shock and horror followed, as I immediately had imaginations of my parcel being stolen or lost.

usps arrival at unit

Then it occurred to me that maybe “Unit” wasn’t *my* unit. Well, yeah. So it turns out that “Unit” in this case actually means a local USPS post office. You’d think that “Unit” would mean apartment, suite, house, or whatever, but no, it does not. Thanks for the really clear delivery advice USPS! It wasn’t the least bit misleading at all.

To my relief, I got my parcel the very next day, and while I’m glad about it, I’m still not sure why USPS doesn’t change “Arrival At Unit” to “Arrival At Facility” or something less misleading.

Oh wells. At least I got my parcel.

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. Goran | Internet Marketing Says:

    You must try the South African postal services! Parcels just disappear into limbo, “between” destinations, and that is where they stay. it is so bad that Amazon has only recently started shipping stuff to South Africa again!

  2. Pdus Says:

    hehe go fedex next ? :P

  3. Muno2o54 Says:

    So After It Arrived To Your local Post office it took another day to get to your house?

  4. Alvin Poh Says:

    Yepp :/

  5. ummm Says:

    did you think your mailman stopped by your home at 2:49 am?

  6. Joe Says:

    Hi Alvin,

    After you received the package,on USPS website tracking result is still arrived at unit or delivered?

    Hope to hear from you

  7. Alvin Says:


  8. Jim Says:

    I just went through the same experience, which I followed up with a google search of “what does arrival at unit mean”, which led me here.

  9. Mike Says:

    I know this is wayyyyyyyyy late and nobody will probably see it…. But what possessed you to think that the USPS delivers mail at 2:50AM???

  10. Renee Says:

    I think it’s stupid that it takes 3 whole days to get a damn letter to a house 7 miles from me, however, in 3 days they can also get a letter to Georgia!! They just love taking money then screwing with us!!!!

  11. DARIO Says:

    It would say “delivered” when it reaches the final destination. “Arrived at unit” is the local post office.

  12. Kevin Says:

    mine says that ten at 9:30 am (arrived at unit at 8:15) it says delivered but nothing was delivered is it at the post office?

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